Sunday, August 12

Separated at birth: The quickening.

New Pittsburgh Steelers mascot Steely McBeam and former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins?

Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson and "Airplane" captain Clarence Oveur?

Fellow football coaches Bobby Johnson (Vanderbilt) and Mark Mangino (Kansas), and Steve Martin and John Candy in "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"?

Presidential candidate Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione?

Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and Nosferatu?

Tara Reid's ass and the Neimoidians from the "Star Wars" prequels?

Britney Spears and Mr. Ed?


Anonymous said...

Nice work on Rudy.


Anonymous said...

ahh, dennis "abandon"ione.

all the bama fans love how he hasn't done much with TA&M. i'm pulling for christopher dodd's chances of a national victory more than franchione's.

or maybe i'm just bitter.

Anonymous said...

I think Britney Spears looks more like the cartoon donkey from "Hee Haw." Mr. Ed is waaaay too classy for her.

Sen. Chris Dodd looks like Bill Curtis from A&E.

Tara Reid's ass looks like Madame Tussauds' AC went out.

blackertai said...

Good god, that ass makes me weep.

Anonymous said...

holy shit...excellent work all the way around. i'm particularly a fan of the planes, trains, and automobiles reference.