Thursday, August 23

The fantasy league, she is on like Donkey Kong.

After a 24-hour period of confusion and, in some cases, barely contained rage, the 2007 Big Ass Football League live draft went off last night, and as usual, my team is poised to tear through the rest of the league like Alberto Gonzales through the Bill of Rights.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold your 2007 Rural Jurors:

QB Peyton Manning
WR Hines Ward
WR Deion Branch
WR Joe Horn
RB Thomas Jones
RB Carnell Williams
TE Benjamin Watson

K Joe Nedney

DL London Fletcher
DL Derrick Brooks
DL Cato June
DL Bart Scott
DB Champ Bailey
DB Ronde Barber
DB Jermaine Phillips

And the bench:

QB Jake Delhomme
QB Trent Green
WR Jerry Porter
RB Warrick Dunn
TE Eric Johnson
DL Jason Taylor
DB Charles Woodson

I just realized how pervasive my Georgia homerism has become -- four Dawgs on the starting roster, and it would've been five if Darren (who already HAD a kicker) hadn't snaked John Kasay out from under me in the next-to-last round. And I don't know how the hell I ended up with two Falcons. But none of that's going to prevent a major bloodletting in the Big Ass Football League this year. Eleven other teams are going to learn what it feels like to get a prostate exam when the doctor uses his foot.

Anyway, now that you have that mental image burned into your brain, let me know about your own fantasy rosters for this season. Oh, and we may have a team in our league up for grabs for anyone who's looking to play this year -- I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

1 Vol at QB offsets 4 Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I back the Cadillac Williams decision. Gruden had him burned out by week 3 last year.

Universal Remonster said...

I'll certainly play in your league if there's a spot. I try to add an additional league every year, so by the time I'm thirty I'll have 14. Anyway, It's a tough matchup but I like my roster just a little bit better:

QB: Drew Brees
RB: Sean Alexander
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
WR: Javon Walker
WR: Joey Galloway
TE: Jeremy Shockey
W/R: Carnell Williams

K: Jeff Wilkins

DEF: Pittsburg

Josh M. said...

My team sucks. Not only do I have three tight ends for some reason, my two best players play for my two least favorite teams (Patriots and Saints). This, partnered with the Vick and Shockley developments, have this football season smelling sour already. UGA is going to lose to Troy, I just know it.

QB; Tom Brady
RB: Rudi Johnson
RB: Reggie Bush
WR: Anquan Boldin
WR: D.J. Hackett
WR: Devin Hester
TE: Jeremy Shockey
K: Jeff Wilkins

I don't even know who D.J. Hackett is. Shit.

Chris in Seattle said...

Hmmmm.... Never played a fantasy league before. You'd probably love me at your poker table too.