Wednesday, May 17

A buzz even Mike Adams can't kill.

Better bloggers than I have already commented on the petty douchebaggery inherent in UGA president Mike Adams's request that CBS, ESPN, and others cease referring to the annual Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville as "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party," so I'll simply reiterate my suggestion that if Adams is really that concerned about the nickname conjuring images of debauchery and illicit behavior, they should just rename the game "The World's Largest Mescaline-Fueled Underage Bang-a-Thon" and leave it at that. Classy, I like to call it.

But no, friend, my real reason for this post is to announce a Georgia achievement even Adams can't screw up (though one he'll almost certainly try to take credit for in one fashion or another): Georgia has broken Florida's 14-year stranglehold on the SEC's all-sports trophy, which is kind of like a Director's Cup specifically for the SEC. Georgia was buoyed to this achievement by virtue of its 2006 national championship in gymnastics, its current first-place national rankings in men's tennis and men's golf, and conference titles in football, gymnastics, women's swimming, men's tennis, men's golf, and women's indoor and outdoor track.

So anyway, congratulations, Bulldog athletes. And as for the other topic, is anyone positive that Mike Adams and John Ashcroft aren't really the same person? If you've ever seen them in the same room together, please send your photographic proof to me here. Thankee.

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Josh M. said...

Was that a "Dark Tower" reference there right at the end?

Oh yeah, and fuck Mike Adams. Fuck him in his stupid ass. That's what my grandma says, at least.