Thursday, May 25

Another one of my favorite subjects: Beer.

If you're just glancing at it, the red word on the can looks kind of like "lice," which is still pretty appropriate.

Courtesy of Double Viking, here's some of the most hilarious writing I've seen since, well, the last time I read Sexy Results: Stuff magazine's "10 Beers We Love to Hate." At first I was very tempted to take issue with the piece, because it includes two beers -- Stella and PBR -- that I actually like (and in a completely non-hipster, non-ironic context, I might add). Still, the whole article would be worth it for this one line:

4. Natural Light
It's almost as if someone bottled the sadness of all the terminally ill children in the world. Which is impressive.

Brilliant (and oh so true). Read.


Anonymous said...

Any list of worst beers that doesn't include Budweiser (becase rice adjuncts are wrong) and Tsing-tao (because formaldehyde adjuncts are wrong) is no kind of list at all.

They're wrong about Stella and also Tecate. The key think though with Tecate is that you must drink it in a desert climate so you can sweat it out faster.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone have left Shaefer off the list, when their slogan is, "It's the beer to have when you're having more than one."? Why not just advertise that Shaefer is a mixture of equal parts porcupine urine and filtered dirt, brewed on majestic Three-Mile Island.

The seniors we gave $20 to get us a case of beer picked Shaefer and kept the change when I was 16 and on spring break. Actually, I think the store owner gave them a fifty to take the case off his hands. We drank them warm b/c we didn't have a cooler. I kissed the ugliest, largest girl I could find that night. And vomited. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Shaefer... damn, I lived on that for 6 years of college. There was a guy in my circle of friends that covered his entire living room wall with shaefer cans, as I recall no other beer was allowed at his home. Shaefer ranks up there with Olympia and Buckhorn as great college beers.

For along time.... a much longer time if you include periods of blackouts, I was what could only be called a beer snob. Now I live in a city with great micro brews, resturants with beer menus like wine lists that show the IHU ratings of their house brews, that have keg tapping ceremonies at 5 pm.... as a result I now drink Budwieser... I can't fucking stand beer snobs.

In my get drunk and beat the fuck out of a guitar days I drank PBR and Miller GD, but only because if I brought that to practice or a show no one else would steal it. Then we got another guitar player that would drink any fucking thing, so I switched back to Bass Ale. Bass is still the best large brewery beer in existence in my not so sober opinion, but I still hate beer snobs so now I drink Bud just to piss them off....

Kanu said...

Great find DG.

I can't really understand how Budweiser or Coors didn't make the list.