Friday, February 10

Not the Friday Random Ten.

Instead, I thought I'd try out something I've seen at Ian's joint and a few other places recently -- the iTunes Survey, and I love crap like this, because I'm firmly convinced that if our iTunes playlists somehow manage to survive the next seven or eight millennia, future archaeologists are going to treat these as the Lascaux cave paintings of our generation.

How many songs: 2,686

Sort by song
First song: "'Two More Sips!'," Patton Oswalt, I guess because of the quotes
Last song: " ," DJ Shadow, (if you have "Endtroducing," you know which one this is)

Sort by artist
First artist: 10,000 Maniacs
Last artist: ZZ Top

Sort by time
Shortest song: "Jim Backus," 3rd Bass, 0:03 (oddly enough, not "Short Songs" by the Dead Kennedys)
Longest song: Underworld's live set from the 2002 Creamfields festival, 1:01:38 (longest single song: "An American in Paris" performed by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic, 18:29)

Sort by album
First album: "(The Best of) New Order," New Order
Last Album: "Zooropa," U2

Top Three Most Played Songs (I had to go to the iPod well for this, since I rarely listen to iTunes when I'm at home)
1. "Rotating Heads," The English Beat (9)
2. "Otter Rock," The Chemical Brothers (6)
T3. "Lazy Sunday," Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg (yes, from "Saturday Night Live")/"Heard 'Em Say," Kanye West/ "AĆ©roplanes" (Readymade mix), Serge Gainsbourg (4)

Song That First Comes Up On Shuffle
"I Think You Flooded It," David Holmes

Search . . .
by "sex," how many songs come up? 25
by "death," how many songs come up? 8
by "love," how many songs come up? 123
by "you," how many songs come up? 276

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Wes Wolfe said...

Dude -- my first and last artists are 10,000 Maniacs and ZZ Top. Bizarre. About as bizarre as me watching women's curling at 4:40 a.m.