Thursday, February 2

Come with us, and leave your earth behind . . .

When you see in the mess hall, all new jacks, even if you're old, give me that respect . . .

I'm not naive enough to think that a top-five recruiting class equals automatic success -- a few years of the Jasper Sanks Experience will remove those illusions pretty quickly -- but still, it's nice to know we pulled in some top-notch talent on Tuesday. And given what a sleazy business recruiting and recruiting analysis can be sometimes, it was a relief to see pictures like the one above -- to steal a phrase from a better blogger than I, is there anyone who seems more happy with the way his life turned out than Knowshon Moreno? Paul Westerdawg is right -- dude looks good in red, but then, so do most people.

In an alternate universe, I'm in the third section, 10 rows up, seventh seat from the right.

As long as I'm back on the football tip, it's high time I got around to posting on T. Kyle King's master plan -- and I owe him a big apology for not having gotten around to this until now -- to get Georgia and Michigan hooked up for a home-and-home series sometime in the near future. Click on the link for all the relevant contact info, which Kyle has been kind enough to provide.

I'm a big fan of this idea for two reasons. The most personal of the two is that Michigan was one of the schools I applied to, and got accepted to, back when I was taking the big college crapshoot my senior year of high school. (That sound you just heard is Brian from MGoBlog, whose head just exploded at the thought of someone choosing another school over Michigan.) As a matter of fact, Michigan was the first school that sent me an acceptance letter, and in my immediate post-acceptance state of ecstasy I was prepared to throw down and become a Wolverine right then and there. (OK, part of it was because of the tour guide who showed my dad and I around when we wnet up to visit the previous summer -- she was cute and blonde and pronounced the name of the town "Annerber" . . . adorable!) I got a few more letters after that, of course, and the proximity of Georgia, combined with the free car promotion my parents were running in conjunction with the HOPE Scholarship, pointed me on the path toward becoming a Bulldog. But I've always maintained an affection (and rooting interest) for the Wolverines, and it would be a huge thrill to actually get to watch them take the field, particularly against the Dawgs.

But the second reason is that I'd be really excited to see Georgia schedule some credible non-conference opposition again. The SEC as a whole has a reputation for not exactly taking on the titans of the gridiron in early-season out-of-conference play, and while the "Playing an SEC schedule is hard enough" excuse is certainly valid to a point, can anyone honestly say that the thought of playing UL-Lafayette gets their blood a-churnin'? If you had forty or fifty bucks to blow on a face-value ticket, and the choices were New Mexico State or Michigan, would you need longer than two seconds to make your choice? There was a time when Georgia needed a non-conference sacrificial lamb or two to bump up the W column to the point of bowl eligibility, but if we've really "knocked the lid off" the program like we claim to have done, then we don't need to do that anymore. What we need to do is start following the old "to be the best, you gotsta beat the best" maxim, and historically, at least, Michigan is the best.

Here's two other teams to provide food for thought: Auburn in 2004 and Texas in 2005. Both of them went 13-0, but Texas won an undisputed national title and Auburn didn't -- and part of the reason was their schedules. Clearly, both teams had their share of out-of-conference cupcakes, but Texas had a big boy -- Ohio State, who would finish the '05 season ranked 4th in the country, and whom Texas played on the road, no less -- and Auburn didn't. (Their toughest non-conference competitor? Juggernaut Louisiana Tech.) Obviously, the two situations are not completely analogous, since Texas had the luxury of starting the season already sitting at #2 while Auburn had to work its way up from #17 -- but does anybody seriously think that if Auburn had maybe put Michigan or Ohio State in place of the freakin' Citadel on September 25th, they still wouldn't have been able to leapfrog Oklahoma for a shot to play in the big game?

There's no guarantee that a win over Michigan would automatically vault Georgia into The Show at whatever indefinite point in the future this game would be played -- not to mention no guarantee Georgia would beat Michigan at all -- but it's still an avenue worth pursuing. If nothing else, it's a chance to get national exposure and a "GameDay" visit on a weekend when everyone else in the conference is slumming with the Tulanes and Utah States of the world, not to mention a chance to squire potential blue-chip recruits around on a day when all this wildness is going down.

So anyway, if you're a fellow Bulldog, or a Michigan fan who's somehow managed to stumble their way onto this site, follow T. Kyle's link and write a couple letters to a couple athletic directors. Oh, and I dibs two tickets when the home game gets put on the sked.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to The Movement, Doug.

Ian said...

Yeah, guess which line in this post is my favorite. But seriously, if you're gonna start quoting anything from "Diesel Truckers," it's gonna be lost on me.

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