Wednesday, October 24

The Peachtree Project, Day 108: Back in the saddle.

So when last we checked in on my quest to get back up to the point where I could run next year's Peachtree Road Race, it was August and I had just run a whole mile without stopping.

Well, there haven't been any updates since then, and there's a reason for that -- about the middle of September I had some minor back surgery that knocked me off track for a good while. But this past Monday, I decided it was time to get off my ass and pick it back up again. I figured that, given how long I'd been taken (well, taken myself) out of commission, I'd probably be back to square one, making it only as far as the end of my block before I got winded and had to quit.

But that didn't happen, oddly enough. At the time I quit, I was going just under 1.2 miles nonstop each morning; on Monday, I actually went further than the furthest I'd previously gone. And this morning I went 1.35 miles (with an additional ~0.4 on the way back to my apartment for good measure):

So my progress has been stunted a bit, and I may not make my original goal of 4 miles a day by the end of the year (the distance I was doing daily in college) after all. But I'm optimistic that I can still string 6.2 miles or so together by the time the Peachtree rolls around on July 4.

See you when I hit two miles . . .


beast in 'bama said...

Across from the Synagogue, OK. I had you on the other end of Highland for some reason. I lived in that neighborhood about 20 years ago.

Jay Allbritton said...

Impressive. I can run to my refrigerator, but not back.