Monday, October 1

BlogPoll ballot #6: Man, does everybody suck at this game?

You thought Appalachian State over Michigan was just an isolated incident? Apparently, this season it was a harbinger of things to come.

I'm going to warn you -- this ballot is going to look pretty effed up at first glance, or even second or third. But that's kind of what happens when seven of the AP's top 15 teams all get whacked by lesser-ranked (in several cases unranked) squads. If none of the traditional powers could get anything done on Saturday, then the top spots are going to end up being filled by powers who are, shall we say, non-traditional.

Games watched: South Florida-West Virginia, rotated between Purdue-Notre Dame and Georgia Tech-Clemson whilst listening to Georgia-Ole Miss over the Internet (multitasking!), the second half of FSU-Alabama, all of Auburn-Florida.

1. LSU (last week: 1)

2. Southern California (2)

3. California (6)

4. Ohio State (7)

5. Boston College (10)

6. Wisconsin (11)
Wisconsin didn't look impressive the first four weeks of the season and honestly didn't look that impressive in squeaking by Michigan State on Saturday. But man, if not Wisconsin, then who? Like I said, anyone looking for name-brand programs to put in the top 10 is having a hell of a time after Massacre Saturday. I'm just going to have to convince myself that Michigan State could actually be pretty good this year, I guess.

7. South Florida (19)

8. Oklahoma (3)
I know a five-slot drop is pretty lenient for a team that got whacked by an unranked Colorado squad coming off a 2-10 season, but . . . no disrespect to the Buffs or anything, but of all the big upsets last week, this one seemed the "flukiest." Basically, it looks like the Sooners got too cocky with a 24-7 lead, and while that was indeed a horribly played second half, I see it as being the exception as opposed to the rule based on what I've seen from OU so far this season. I still think they'd very likely beat any of the teams ranked below them.

9. South Carolina (15)
Probably too big a jump for a team that only beat Mississippi State (and needed a while to do that), but again, who do I put above them -- and if Spurrier has finally found a QB who can competently run his offense, watch out.

10. West Virginia (4)

11. Arizona State (14)

12. Oregon (9)

13. Florida (5)

14. Kentucky (13)
No, I'm probably not giving the Wildcats enough credit, but consider that their two supposed "marquee" wins are over Louisville and Arkansas. If they get a win in Columbia on Thursday, though, they will unequivocally be for real.

15. Georgia (16)
Only a one-point jump for the Dawgs after a 45-17 conference win? I think it's fair, given that they needed 40 minutes or so to really put Ole Miss away and it's still hard to decipher where exactly they figure in the conference race. But if they can beat Tennessee convincingly up in Knoxville, I'll be prepared to call them top-10 material -- and they may also be right back in the thick of the conference race.

16. Auburn (NR)
Considering how good Kansas State and South Florida looked on Saturday, I think it's safe to say that Auburn's performances against them are nothing to be ashamed of.

17. Rutgers (8)

18. Michigan (22)

19. Missouri (25)

20. Texas (12)

21. Virginia Tech (21)

22. Illinois (NR)
I can't believe I'm ranking a Ron Zook team . . . but it was that kind of a weekend.

23. Hawaii (24)

24. Arkansas (23)

25. Penn State (18)

The next five: UCLA, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Kansas State, Maryland.

Dropped out: Alabama (17), Clemson (20).


Erik Tylczak said...

Ai ai ai! Oklahoma over Oregon!?

Recall that while Oklahoma did in fact choke away a big lead, they also were pretty well shut down offensively. Something like 250yds total offense, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

How fucked up is the SEC East this year? If I figure correctly, Georgia needs help (South Carolina will have to lose again), Tennessee needs help (Florida will have to lose again, which given that they are playing LSU isn't out of the question.) Vandy, Kentucky, South Carolina and Florida control their destinies by winning out. Now with Florida that isn't a surprise any year, but Kentucky and Vandy?

I need my poo flinging monkeys back.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma got outgained 381-230. I don't know how fluky a loss can be with that kind of yardage differential.

Anonymous said...

i agree with your title...everyone sucks and the bcs champ will be determined by who manages to suck the least.

hoodawg said...
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hoodawg said...

Arkansas in, K-State out? Texas is a ranked scalp, and the Cats almost beat Auburn. What are Arkansas' credentials, other than two great RBs and a playbook they stole from the Smithsonian?