Wednesday, October 24

Dine 'n' dash.

Does the waitress have her back turned? OK . . . cheese it!

While I was taking Jenna out to poop this morning, I walked by a USA Today box at the corner of 20th and Highland and saw this headline:

Wars may cost $2.4T
Estimate covers Iraq, Afghanistan at cost of $8,000 per U.S. resident

And in the online edition, I found this:

Wow, $2.4 trillion worth of wars and an incredibly expensive missile-defense system. In other words, a perfect time to make those tax cuts permanent!

Going back to the Iraq/Afghanistan story, that subhead jumped out at me because I don't remember ever having received an $8,000 bill for anything. I'm pretty sure I'd remember that, because I don't have $8,000 to spend at the moment. I'd be willing to bet there are a lot of people out there in a similar situation, and if there are millions of people out there who don't have $8,000 to spend, then I kind of wonder where the government is getting this $2.4 trillion to spend.

But whatever; I'm sure my kids and grandkids will take care of it.


Anonymous said...

I keep telling my daughters - aged 5 and almost 3 - that they need to start working now to pay all this crap off. So far the lazy little so-and-so's are concentrating on reading books and playing. That's not going to work.

Maybe this explains why the 5 year old keeps saying that she wants to move to the UK...

Anonymous said...

Don't call them your daughters, call them "freedom kids"!