Thursday, August 13

There's no promotion like self-promotion.

I may have finished up my guest-hosting week over at EDSBS, but I'm still not done befouling other people's Web sites with my presence.

Here, at Dr. Saturday, is the latest installment in my ongoing Better Know an Embattled Coach series. This week's victim: Indiana coach Bill Lynch, who took over in mid-offseason after the previous coach died of a brain tumor, led the Hoosiers to their first bowl in 13 years, but after a 3-9 season is fighting for his job anyway. (Man, this economy is crushing everybody.)

Also, despite being a Florida blog and therefore under no obligation whatsoever to give a flying fuck what I think, Gators First gave me the opportunity to hold forth with my at-best-modestly-educated opinion about how the 2009 season is going to shake out for the SEC. Thrill to the first and very last time I will say anything nice about Tennessee or South Carolina this year.

Also, that post I did for EDSBS about Lou Holtz's (short-lived) Congressional ambitions? Got linked by The New Republic. (Which, in retrospect, probably would not have happened had I gone with my original concept for that post, "What Kind Of Sex Scandal Will Lou Holtz Get Caught In Once He Becomes A Congressman?" I think I'd decided to go with "Name found in little black book of Florida madam whose prostitutes are exclusively Asian women catering to men with lactation fetishes"; my sincere thanks to whoever talked me down off that ledge.)

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DAve said...

Aw. You had me at "all-day
picnic-slash-wedding-reception-slash-frat-party, and we get to do it
six or seven times a year."