Tuesday, March 31

The pot calls the kettle mentally unstable.

Hey, remember when San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary said he wasn't going to draft Matt Stafford because he didn't like Stafford's attitude? (You should, I told you about it just a couple days ago.) Anyhoo, With Leather mentioned the quasi-controversy today, and in doing so linked to this little nugget from last year:

At halftime of that game, Singletary called for the attention of his players. He then dropped his pants, turned around and pointed to his backside. He used this occasion and that visual to describe what happened to his team in the first half.

A NFL source inside the room confirmed the story…and added that Singletary then addressed the team for 3-4 minutes with his pants around his ankles.

The 49ers trailed 20-3 at halftime. They would lose the game, 34-13.

But Stafford's the one who's fucked in the head? Come again?

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