Thursday, March 5

Another open letter to Daniel Snyder.

Dear Dan,

First of all, I'm totally cool with the Haynesworth thing. Yeah, that's a lot of money to throw at one guy, but that could end up working out pretty nicely both for the Redskins and for Yours Truly.

But I swear to you, man, if you sign Terrell Owens -- even if it's only for one year, even if it's for NFL base, even if it's only to sell cotton candy at the stadium -- I will come up to D.C. and burn your house to the ground.

Have a great day.

Hail victory,
Doug Gillett

UPDATE: Oh, now I feel better! I think.


Josh M. said...

I can't believe your forehead didn't cave in over the DeAngelo Hall signing.

TKAthens said...

Hey Josh - don't be mad because Atlanta isn't BALLZ enough to handle DeAngelo.

And Doug - book two tickets for that TO flight - I'll bring a case of illegal Mexican liquor and our payback on Snyder will become legend.

Josh M. said...

From today's Peter King column on

"What now for T.O.? My guess is the Raiders, though as my radio buddy and colleague Ross Tucker suggested Thursday morning on Sirius NFL Radio, the Redskins have to be an intriguing thought. Washington owner Dan Snyder is always looking to tweak the Jones family, and if he signed Owens for something near the veteran minimum with enough incentives in the contract to make it interesting, the Redskins would be just what T.O. wants. Surely Owens is feeling absolutely embarrassed at being cut, and money is not what's going to make him happy. Revenge is. And two shots at the Cowboys this year, particularly with a fortified Redskins team, would appeal to Owens more than a good signing bonus and a couple of years of relative anonymity in Oakland."


Tracer Bullet said...

The Eagles and Cowboys have taken their turns. It's time for you slackers to do your time in the barrel.