Tuesday, March 10

Death Is Not an Option, I'M STILL THE MAN edition.

Terrell Owens or Matt Jones?

Terrell Owens as a Buffalo Bill, or ex-Tennessee Titan Adam "Pac-Man" Jones as a "Pro vs. Joe"?

Following Jim Cramer on Twitter, or getting matched with Ed Orgeron on eHarmony.com?

Taking Jim Cramer's investment advice, or wiping your ass with hundred-dollar bills?

Florida as an NCAA tournament contender, or any Wade Phillips-coached, Tony Romo-quarterbacked Dallas Cowboys team as an NFL playoff contender?

Billy Crudup's dick in "Watchmen," or Jason Segel's dick in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"?

Britney Spears as your mom, or this guy as your dad?


TKAthens said...

That Daily Show/Cramer piece is claaaasic.

Universal Remonster said...

I wonder how many mo-cap sensors Crudup had to wear on his junk.

Will said...

I get a chuckle at the idea of some CGI animator putting "animated a glowing blue penis" as a bullet line on their resume.