Thursday, March 12

Hey, that's great! I'm thinking about running for attorney general of pancakes.

Once a badass, Chuck Norris finally takes one too many roundhouse kicks to the head.

(Hat tip: Sullivan.)


Josh M. said...

Both you and Sullivan seem to be ignoring the part where he said his declaration was a "tongue-n-cheek frustration."

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Nope, I caught it (hence my equally tongue-in-cheek intention to be attorney general of pancakes). Still doesn't mean ol' Chuck still isn't a complete loon. Why so serious, Batman?

Susan said...

"For those losing hope, and others wanting to rekindle the patriotic fires of early America, I encourage you to join Fox News' Glenn Beck, me and millions of people across the country in the live telecast, 'We Surround Them,' on Friday afternoon...Thousands of cell groups will be united around the country in solidarity over the concerns for our nation."

"Millions"? "Cell groups"? "Surround them"? I do say, I have some concerns for our nation.

Josh M. said...

Alright, so you may have gotten it. But your source, Sullivan, clearly didn't.

"Chuck Norris wants to be president of Texas. Not kidding."

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

In Sully's defense, you gotta admit, Chuck spends a lot of ink getting worked up over what is supposedly a "tongue-in-cheek" proposal. And if I'm reading the Chuckster correctly, he was only being "tongue-in-cheek" about wanting to be "president" of Texas -- the idea of Texas seceding in the first place, he seems to think, is completely legit.