Tuesday, March 3

Returning to normal, or whatever passes for that these days.

So I got home from the hospital yesterday around three, spent the next few hours sleeping off the anaesthesia, and am now up and somewhat about, not to mention baby-alien-pod-free. I do, however, have one of these connected to me, which is sort of interesting; I imagine the Borg started out with something rather like this. I won't go through all the vagaries of what you're actually supposed to do with the thing, but I'm sure it's bang-up practice for having a colostomy bag, should I ever end up with one of those.

But anyway, I'm fine, and my regular schedule will be resuming imminently. In the meantime, read this (which I may be contributing to in future installments) and this, get up to speed with the current state of the Fulmer Cup race, and note that the AJC's own Mark Bradley has recognized my awesomeness. (Does he find me more or less "irritating" Mark Richt or Steve Spurrier, though, that's the real question.) Thanks to reader/Twitterer/Dawg fan Ally for letting me know about that last one, by the way -- I was so incoherent for most of the day yesterday that I might never have known about it if she hadn't told me.

Talk to you again in a bit, nerds.


Anonymous said...

That still shot of the zoned-kid from the You Tube videos (whatever his name is) is the first time I noticed that he's wearing a Florida Gators T-shirt.

Oh, and get well soon, Doug.

Anonymous said...

That should read "zoned-out kid."

Anonymous said...

"used to pull excess fluid from the body by constant suction"... Darned if that don't sound handy.