Sunday, March 1

News and weather.

So, about last night:

Yup, that's snow in Birmingham, folks. And it just figures that the one time we get a potentially campus-closing accumulation of snow, it's the day before I'm scheduled to go in for surgery and miss a couple days of work anyway.

Yeah, about that: I'm going into UAB Hospital Monday morning for some relatively minor back surgery. Nothing potentially life-threatening, they're not going to be messing around with my spinal cord or anything, but enough to render me pretty much inactive for a day or two. So if you don't hear anything on here in the next couple days, that's why. But once I'm back up and (more or less) running, I'll let everyone know in this space.

All right, enough of that. More snow:

That last one is a cell-phone picture of Champ, The World's Most Fearful Dog ®, experiencing snow for the first time. He was too afraid of the snow to venture into it to relieve himself, which meant he waited until he was back inside my apartment to do so. Top score, Champ. I couldn't be prouder.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the surgery. Hope everything goes well.

As for the weather: You call that campus-closing snow? Bah. If we closed school (or workplaces) for little things like that, we'd have five months off. (Wait, that'd actually be kind of cool ... )

In 18 1/2 years of K-12/undergrad/grad work, I got one full day off for snow. And that was for 42 inches of snow in 24 hours. (Occasionally we got half-days when a major ice storm was expected in the afternoon, and we had a few days called off because of -40 wind chills. But with that one exception, never for snow.)

DAve said...

Surgery. Right. I'm sure it's a total coincidence that you decided to get "surgery" right about the same time What Would Tyler Durden Do? devotes three posts to pictures of Melissa Theuriau on vacay in Miami. Just be honest and tell us you need some alone time; it's cool.

Get well soon, man.

Anonymous said...

I remember the winter of my freshman(?) year at Georgia, when the school's failure to cancel classes resulted in students slipping and breaking things, and crashing into things, left and right. Justifiably afraid of lawsuits, they closed the university down for the next day.

Which turned out to be so warm and beautiful that students were sunning themselves on the (muddy) north quad.

Anonymous said...

I never should have started teaching.

I grew up in and currently teach in northwest Georgia. When I was in school, you could have counted on a quadripelegic's fingers and toes how many times it snowed in Atlanta and didn't snow here. Since I started teaching, it seems to be a yearly thing. Schools south of us are out of school today. That's just not right. [/mournful violins]

Anonymous said...

For an actual UGA in Athens update:

We got about 8 inches of snow in north Athens—off MLK by the Loop—and school is closed all day. The roads are a mess and 34,000 people went without power last night. As of now my house temp is down to around 45 degrees, and GA Power said 6pm is their target for getting everything back up and running.

Maybe it'll freeze tonight and we won't have school tomorrow either...

opsomath said...

I was one of the 34,000 - couldn't get out of my driveway, much less to campus.

My dog was fine with it, though, although managed to cover herself with muddy slush to the point where we had to infer the existence of an actual dog inside.

Anonymous said...

Getting a spine?