Monday, December 22

'Twas three days before Christmas, and all through the house . . .

. . . aw, the hell with it, I don't have time to write a whole frickin' "The Night Before Christmas" parody. I do, however, have time for Hey Jenny Slater's annual tribute to the Sexy Santa costume.

This year, instead of Alessandra Ambrosio, we kick off with Heidi Klum singing "Santa Baby."

As I'm typing this, it's 29 degrees in Birmingham. So she'd be very cold if she was wearing that right now.

Michelle Monaghan in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," which I've never actually seen but meant to because I heard it was good (and not just because of the Sexy Santa-ing).

An Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who looks a hell of a lot better than her team did last Sunday.

A Carolina Panthers cheerleader, ditto.

And I guess this is kind of stretching the definition of "Sexy Santa costume," but Lucy Pinder (left) gets special dispensation. And it's my blog, so lay off.

Merry Christmas, dorks -- drive safe if you're traveling this holiday season, but once you get where you're going, eat too much and get fucking wasted. Do it for the children.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Doug! Thanks for regularly giving us something to laugh/think about as we make our way through the real world... and yes, you need to watch "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".

Anonymous said...

Doug thanks for all the yuks over the past year. Merry Christmas. Hope you find an Uga autorgraphed dog collar under the tree. (For you or your dogs, your call)

Anonymous said...

Just watched "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" again the other night. Awesome, hilarious movie.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, I think I'll go clean my chimney.

Happy "whatever you libs think is politically correct this year." For the rest of you, Merry Christmas!