Saturday, December 27

I'm the richest man in Bedford Falls!, etc.

Now that I've gone back through the books and talked about some of my favorite Christmas presents from years past, here's one of the best things I got this year:

ORLANDO, Fla. — While Auburn announced several additions to its coaching staff Friday, one coach who won’t be joining the Tigers is Stacy Searels.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt announced Friday that Searels, the Dogs’ offensive line coach, will remain at Georgia after his alma mater, Auburn, had shown interest for a position on their staff.

Major daps to the UGA athletic department for recognizing that Searels has probably already become the crown jewel of our staff of assistants and for dumping whatever amount of money in his lap that it took to keep him. If Searels could take our diabolically banged-up O-line this year and coach them to a mere 15 sacks allowed (good for 20th in D-IA) and another 1,300-yard rushing season for Knowshon Moreno, I'm really excited to think of what he might be able to do next year when we aren't having to start a near-constant M*A*S*H unit on the line of scrimmage. It's probably greedy (and, paradoxically, naive) to wonder if this might have some sort of influence on getting Knowshon and Stafford to stick around for another year, but we can always hope.


Anonymous said...

There is a growing opinion that Richt will leave within a couple of years to pursue his missionary work. His enthusiasm for coaching has waned recently and he's looking for a new challenge. Martinez will be gone once he loses Richt's cover. A nice situation for promising young coaches.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt CMR will ever be trading the view from Butts-Mehre for a straw hut with no running water. He's got 85 not quite choirboys to preach to in Athens.

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's the word in Athens. A year, two at the most.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Thank you for tuning in to this week's installment of "Delusional Georgia Tech Fantasies." Don't forget to come back for next week's episode, "Knowshon Isn't Leaving For The NFL, He's Transferring To Florida."