Tuesday, December 9

Poll dancing, week 15: Next stop, Orlandooooooo!

This is the last stop before the bowls, and then the final BlogPoll will be put out after the BCS national-championship game. Between now and then, we've got a Heisman ceremony (snore), a Georgia appearance in the Capital One Bowl (w00t), and somewhere in there an announcement by Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno about whether they'll be sticking around another year or saddling up like Shane and riding into the sunset, and by "sunset" I mean "NFL."

Games watched: First half of Virginia Tech-Boston College in the ACC title game, Florida-Alabama in the SEC title game, first half or so of Oklahoma-Missouri in the Big XII championship.

Waiting room: Brigham Young, Florida State, North Carolina, California, East Carolina.

Dropped out: Ball State (22).

· No movement at all in the top 17 except for Alabama dropping down two (and Oklahoma and Texas rising to fill the gap) and Ole Miss and Mizzou flip-flopping at 14/15. Yeah, Missouri probably deserves to fall more than one spot for the shellacking they took at the hands of the Sooners in the Big XII title game, but then everybody pretty much assumed that was going to happen anyway -- and I can't bring myself to put the Tigers below Georgia, knowing what Chase Daniel and his cast of characters would probably still be able to do to our Charmin-soft defense.

· Ball State . . . oh, Ball State. You had it right there in your hand, a 13-0 season, but then you started handing away the ball to whomever would take it. Most of those people turned out to play for Buffalo, and now you're MAC-title-less and out of the top 25. Let that be a lesson to you.

· Replacing the Cardinals in the rankings is your newly (re-)minted ACC champion, Virginia Tech; their victory bonks Boston College down five spots and lets a few other teams rise up a notch or two. That's pretty much all the action from this week.

As always, nothing's final until 11 tomorrow morning, so let me know if you'd recommend me doing something anatomically impossible any changes.


Whirl said...

Hahaha, I love how you've got the ACC champion ranked so much lower than GA Tech. I just find it humorous =)

Anonymous said...

"Oh, no! We suck again!"

-- Ball State