Monday, December 29

Life's funny sometimes, and by "funny" I mean "a complete bitch."

Washington goes 8-8, finishes last in the NFC East, misses the playoffs.

San Diego goes 8-8, finishes first in the AFC West, not only makes the playoffs but gets a first-round game at home.

I don't know why I even bother following the NFL anymore. When it's gotten so bad you can't even fully enjoy a complete implosion by the Cowboys, you know you're having the very life sucked out of you. Even my fantasy team tanked the last couple of weeks, which just happened to be the playoffs, so it's not like I could even scrape any vicarious enjoyment off of a few individual players.

I guess it's go Falcons/Colts from here on out, assuming I even bother getting out of bed on Sundays. But at least Vince's kid won something, which was heartening. Mark my words: Derek's gonna be the next coach at Arkansas when Petrino finally bolts for the Notre Dame job. You heard it here first.

UPDATED TO KEEP ME OFF THE LEDGE: OK, this was kinda teh awesome.


Josh M. said...

A college football fan bemoaning the structure of pro football?!? THAT'S REE-DEEK-U-LUS!

So Atlanta wins, guarantees at least a playoff game against the awful Cardinals, I'm headed out of the stadium with a smile, and who do I run into? THE ENTIRE GEORGIA TECH TEAM, in matching faggy blue Chick Fil A bowl sweatsuits.

My mood immediately shifted, I proclaimed something about there being "too many goddamn nerds," and then I got a glare from a mom who apparently didn't think that kind of language was appropriate in front of her eight-year-old.

I hate Georgia Tech.

(But I did go undefeated in our fantasy league, Doug. Yep, undefeated. Through the regular season and the playoffs. Undefeated. Despite drafting Tom Brady in the first round. Un. Dee. Feet. Ed. I can still hear the echo of everybody's snorting laughter after I took Michael Turner in the third round.)

Holly said...


That is all.

Mickey McCale said...

Redskins suck. Cowboys rule. I'm now rooting for a Falcons-Dolphins Super Bowl. Oh, and methinks the Dawgs do indeed remember how to tackle in two days time. 41-17 sounds about right.....