Thursday, December 11

OMG lolz! mybad! anyway can u pick up some plan b 4 me on the way 2 the arpt, kthxbai.

I've accrued a goodly number of friends on Facebook, but other than that I'm still kind of figuring out how to use it -- until yesterday, f'rinstance, I had never even posted a news story before.

This is the first one I picked.

Meet Elizabeth (Lizzy) Frisinger 18, isn’t she precious? She is also mind blowingly stupid. Elizabeth, a Senior in Cleveland went on a class trip where she lost her virginity on the beach. Apparently it was “gr8″.

We know this because young Lizzy was so excited about her conquest she texted her friend, except it wasn’t her friend, she had accidentally texted her dad. Class trip finished. Cue a slap to the forehead and wide spread humiliation on the interwebs.

You know, as funny as this was on first blush, it's actually kind of hard to see what the big deal is. When I lost my virginity about a decade or so ago, I texted my dad too, only I did it on purpose so that he'd know I had finally found a woman willing to let me see her naked. And when I came home for a visit later that week, there was a big banner stretched across the front of our house reading "Congratulations Doug! You're Not A Loser And/Or Homo!" It was really kind of a beautiful moment.

So maybe that's all that "Lizzy" was going for. Or maybe she has a friend who goes by the name "Dad." Either way, let's not be too quick to judge here.

(EDITED: A link, duh. 'Cause it's no fun without a link.)


Anonymous said...


Historical correction may be needed.... 10 yrs ago, I didn't have a cell phone, or if I did the brick couldn't text. So, what kinda magic phone are you talking about?

I'm in Communications. We're paid to be nit-picky.

-- Michele B.

A Free Man said...

Oh holy hell. The creationists really ought to revel in stories like this because it sort of disproves natural selection. I mean, young Lizzy may very well have inadvertantly reproduced on that beach.

Anonymous said...

I believe everyone is missing something here. This may not have been her first time. A close reading of the text is in order. She texted, "Just had 1st time ON BEACH!"(caps mine). So it may be, and I think it is actually likely, that she was not saying it was her first time ever, but rather her first time in a marine environment (so to speak).