Wednesday, September 5

BlogPoll ballot #2: We've only just begun . . .

. . . and the shocker in Annerber alone made this one of the most memorable opening weekends of football that I’ve experienced in a long time, but that was just one of the events prompting a whole lot of movement in my BlogPoll ballot this week. Texas dropped big-time, and Michigan went from #5 to out of the poll entirely, something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I’m reasonably sure that the Wolverines will climb back into the Top 25 at some point this season, either in the BlogPoll, the AP poll, or the coaches’, if not all three — but all I’ve got to go on at this point is four jaw-dropping quarters against Appalachian State, and sorry, but that just ain’t poll-worthy.

Games watched: Georgia-Oklahoma State, the final shocking quarter of Michigan-Appalachian State, the first half of Georgia Tech-Notre Dame, the second half of Auburn-Kansas State, Clemson-Florida State.

1. Southern California (last week: 1)

2. LSU (3)

3. West Virginia (7)

4. Virginia Tech (2)
Had to bump them down a couple for a lackluster performance against East Carolina, though as I’ve explained, there are only so many grand conclusions you can draw from that. Still wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they pull the upset down in Baton Rouge this weekend.

5. Wisconsin (6)

6. Oklahoma (9)
I don’t read too much into dropping a 79-bomb on North Texas, either, but this offense is still better than I thought it would be given their QB situation, and they have to be salivating at the prospect of another Big 12 title after the way Texas played against Arkansas State.

7. California (8)
Last year, California was done in by a wheezing running game and laughable tackling; this time, it was Tennessee’s turn to struggle on the ground and exhibit tackling technique that could at best be described as “dainty.” Overall, a very solid win that should inspire some needed confidence in a Pac-10 that looks to be extremely tough.

8. Florida (10)

9. Ohio State (11)

10. Arkansas (13)
I don’t feel great about hoisting the Razorbacks three spots despite the fact that they took an awfully long time to pull away from Troy, but I still think this is a team that others underestimate at their own peril.

11. Rutgers (14)

12. Louisville (12)

13. Georgia (16)
Going into the season, my thinking was that Georgia would either win both of their first two games or lose both of them. Trouncing Oklahoma State still doesn’t make South Carolina a gimme, but if Georgia can beat the ’Cocks convincingly this weekend, it might be time to start thinking about the Dawgs as a top-10 team.

14. Nebraska (17)

15. Georgia Tech (NR)
I know I just warned against reading too much into the Techsters’ convincing win over Notre Dame, but be that as it may, it was a straight-up blowout by a team that doesn’t have a lot of blowouts on its résumé of late. The real danger now is following it up with a complete stinker against Virginia or Clemson later on this month.

16. Penn State (19)

17. Boston College (NR)

18. Texas Christian (21)

19. Oregon State (26)

20. UCLA (20)

21. Hawaii (NR)
I waited too long to start paying attention to the Warriors last year, and have vowed to not make the same mistake this time around.

22. Arizona State (NR)

23. Boise State (NR)

24. Texas (4)
This may the farthest I’ve ever dropped anyone in a single poll (with the exception of Michigan, of course); I’d be tempted to write off the Longhorns’ shaky performance against Arkansas State as one of those early-season flukes if it didn’t play into some of the biggest concerns that people had about the team, particularly its defense, coming out of last year. Particularly unnerving given the extremely strong performances that a bunch of other Big 12 teams put in last week, especially Oklahoma and Texas Tech.

25. Alabama (25)

The next five: Oregon, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Tennessee, Auburn.

Dropped out: Michigan (5), Oregon (15), Auburn (18), Oklahoma State (22), Florida State (23), Missouri (24).

UPDATE: Full Week 1 BlogPoll results here.


Gnome said...

Go Georgia and Hawaii! W00t!

Anonymous said...

"The real danger now is following it up with a complete stinker against Virginia or Clemson later on this month."

Ohh I think we can be sure the Jackets will knock off BC and get everyone excited, only to go and get beat by 20 by a very shitty UVa team the next week. Then it's back home to redeem last year's crappy showing at Clemson just to really confuse everyone. It's what they do. Hell I wouldn't put it past Gailey to manage to knock off VT again and follow it up with a loss to Duke.