Friday, June 29

Friday Random Ten, Reasons to Go On Living Edition.

Sorry, it's been kind of a crappy week. Before we get to the iPod, give me a minute to cheer myself up with a different kind of Random Ten.

Ahh, much better. And now the real Ten:

1. Modest Mouse, "Dig Your Grave"
2. The Dust Brothers, "Marla"
3. U2, "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"
4. Dire Straits, "Walk of Life"
5. A Tribe Called Quest, "After Hours"
6. Moby, "James Bond Theme"
7. The B-52s, "Roam"
8. The Dave Brubeck Quartet, "Blue Rondo a la Turk"
9. Beastie Boys, "Heart Attack Man"
10. U2, "Mysterious Ways"

And a bonus pick-me-up, the climactic "chase" scene from one of the greatest movies ever made:

Aren't you in a much better mood now? Whether you are or not, put your own Random Ten, be they songs or anything else, in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Numbers 10, 6, and 1 look awfully tasty. Is Guthrie's even in Athens anymore, btw?

Robert said...

All good shit, save #2.

In my personal list, I'd substitute this clip for #2:

JasonC said...

Did you ever see the Family Guy where they did the chase scene? Classic.

Kanu said...

Guthrie's, damn. 5000 calories of yummy greatness; hadn't been reminded of the greatness of the GutBox in a while- thank you Sir.

Shitty week is over, dude- so turn that frown upside down.

El Dies:

1. ".38.45(A Thievery Number)" by Thievery Corporation, from 'Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi'

2. "Black Beauty " by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra, from 'Ken Burns Jazz, Disc 1'

3. "Bold As Love" by Jimi Hendrix, from 'Experience Hendrix'

4. "Heartz Of Men" by 2Pac, from 'All Eyez On Me, Book 1'

5. "The Field" by Cool Breeze, from 'East Point's Greatest Hits'

6. "O Le Le" by Ozomatli, from 'Ozomatli'

7. "Concrete" by Sean Paul, from 'Dutty Rock'

8. "Police & Thieves" by The Clash, from 'Story Of The Clash, Volume 1'

9. "Open Road" by Slightly Stoopid, from 'Closer To The Sun'

10. "Lil' Ghetto Boy" by Dr. Dre, from 'The Chronic'

Y'all have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you had a crap week; FWIW Ms Ambrosia and the Citroen were more than enough of a lift on a Friday morning for those of us who didn't.

1. Candy, Presidents of the USA
2. Cut, Minutemen
3. Even Better than the Real Thing, U2
4. 1%, Jane's Addiction
5. Town Called Malice, the Jam
6. There Goes the Fear, Doves
7. Touch Me, the Doors
8. Sweet and Low, Fugazi
9. Untouchable, Pummel
10. Push Downstairs, Underworld

The Fashion Diva said...

At least it's the end of the crappy week and not the start. :)

1. "Ladyshave" Gus Gus
2. "Battle Flag" Lo Fidelity Allstars feat. Pigeonhead
3. "Stalker" Covenant
4. "Strange Affection" De/Vision
5. "Save Yourself" Stabbing Westward
6. "Enough" Gravity Kills
7. "Blue Monday" Orgy
8. "The Hand That Feeds" NIN
9. "Trigger For Happiness" Machines Of Loving Grace
10. "Ground Level" Stereo MCs

Trey said...

1. "Money" Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon.
2. "Valley of Chrome" Cypress Hill from Skull & Bones.
3. "Blue Eyes Blue" Eric Clapton from The Clapton Chronicles.
4. "Wild Fire Woman" Bad Company the Anthology.
5. "Nowhere Man" Beatles
6. "Let's See Action" The Who
7. "Four Walls of Raiford" Lynyrd Skynyrd
8. "One Rainy Day" Godsmack
9. "Forever" Kiss
10. "Wake Up" Rage Against the Machine

And I like #2 quite a lot.

Trey said...

And, no, Guthrie's is no longer in Athens... sadly.

Kanu said...

Damn, both locations (Baxter and East Athens-Cedar Shoals Drive?}.

Tragic- That place was a damn institution when I was at UGA.

jkelsofarrell said...

Boys Don't Cry--the Cure
Range Life--Pavement
Death of a Party--Blur
Star Me Kitten--REM
Sam's Town--the Killers
Cleo--Built to Spill
Tell the King--the Libertines
Herculean--the Good, the Bad, and the Queen

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

No Guthrie's anymore in Athens?!? That's almost like Dreamland deciding to pack up and leave Birmingham, or TitleMax deciding to leave Columbus.

Anonymous said...

Dreamland's original location is in Tuscaloosa so your blog doesn't work so well but i agree that guthrie's is delicious