Wednesday, June 27

Wednesday Mystery Meat, with extra snouts and fillers.

Paul Westerdawg would like all of you to go to and vote for Georgia swimmer Kara Lynn Joyce for a 2007 ESPY in the category of Best Female College Athlete. (The layout for the voting site is kinda confusing -- there's a very thin scroll bar to the right of the categories, so just keep scrolling down past Best Upset until you see the right category.) Just for the record, Kara Lynn has become only the second person ever to win four straight national titles in two events, was named National Swimmer of the Year two years in a row, and has 18 total national titles to her name. Which means that Kara Lynn Joyce all by her lonesome has 17 more national titles than Georgia Tech does.

Elsewhere in the SEC, please welcome to the blogroll: The Auburner, which created the chart shown below (hat tip: The M Zone).

Don't tell Kyle King; I hear he hates Auburn, or something.

Sign of the apocalypse #45,857,369: Nancy Grace is spawning.

Finally, some YouTubes I've been meaning to post forever but didn't for whatever reason. First, I don't care if you love "Family Guy" or loathe it with a passion, but there's just something hilarious about this, to the point where it's become a running joke among me and any number of people.

Heh. Here's one of my favorite "Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail" scenes, which I like so much I have on my iPod (sorry for the superfluous subtitles):

And finally, a "Saturday Night Live" sketch that popped up in conversation the other day at the office while we were all standing around talking instead of, you know, working. This comes from the Lindsay Lohan oeuvre from back before LiLo went on a skankpage and became an even bigger drunk than I am.

Oh, Linds . . . what the hell happened to you?


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, Tech does have many individual NCAA national championships. Women's Tennis this year was the first TEAM title.

And that chart from the Auburner seems pretty damn accurate to me, except that the one time I was exposed to UF girls I dunno if I'd've rated them that low... but then, my Tech goggles make most chicks look better. Thankfully they're fading as I get farther from graduation.

greebs said...

Brilliant - not only did I link to your blog today because we posted the same Ann Coulter nonsense, but I was explaining this Lindsay Lohan skit to someone just yesterday.

Good stuff.

JHC said...

I always assumed Nancy Grace was barren. If she's cooking a bun in there it's marinating in bitterness and bile.
Congratulations, Nancy and anonymous seed shooter!

The Holy Grail clip is still awesome after 100 viewings.

Tommy said...

This why my search for a decent Auburn blog continues unfulfilled. If I wanted to read Bama-related little brother syndrome, I'd hang around on their message boards. It seems like bloggers from every other program have figured out how to balance homerism with a sense of self-deprecating humor. Whereas Auburn bloggers grimly insist on Auburn being AWESOME AT EVERYTHING AND WAY BETTER THAN BAMMER!!!111! Which makes them the Dwight Schrutes of the blogosphere.

They have a fine engineering school, but it's nowhere near the caliber of Georgia Tech, or even Florida, if US News is to be believed. And to put Auburn's women ahead of Ole Miss'? That's just crazy talk.

Robert said...

Doug, I believe what happened to Lindsay Lohan is called "cocaine."

You've also been spot-on when it comes to politics lately.

Anonymous said...

Re: Nancy Grace. She harps on morality every time I pass her channel while clicking the remote.

She is 4 months pregnant.

She has been married 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Sure, just rub it in that you now have a fancy VIDEO iPod that can play YouTube clips and stuff! Have a heart, man! Some of us are still stuck in the pre-click wheel iPod stone age.

Speaking of SNL and Nancy Grace,

Devildawger said...

This LL sketch is one of the funniest ever along with her sketch with Debbie Downer at Disney.

The sketch I am now looking for is one with Nicholas Cage from about 10 yrs was a Nightline episode with Hillary Clinton & Ted are taking questions and a spaced out Melanie Hutsell (she was best known for her Jan Brady - and the voice she uses for this is very Jan) is asking, "stuff man, hey man where is my stuff, I need y'know stuff". Anyway my brother and I always love to quote that line to each other...wheres my stuff