Friday, January 12

Friday Random Ten and free bonus self-aggrandizement.

I try not to boast a lot about myself on this blog -- mostly because I rarely have much to boast about -- but a group of sports blogs associated with the Blogpoll have decided so start the College Football Blogger Awards, and in this, its first year of operation, they've named Hey Jenny Slater as a finalist in three (count 'em! three!) categories. They are as follows:

· The "Trev Alberts Quits to Do Construction" Award, for the funniest blog.
· The "Job Award," for "The blog that has suffered through its chosen team's dismal season with the most dignity." (Hindsight being 50/50, I don't think you could exactly call Georgia's season "dismal" when taken as a whole, but I won't deny it was certainly looking that way at various points; Brian at MGoBlog specifically nominated me for the toaster-throwing episode during the Georgia-Colorado game, which seems to have taken on a life of its own. I'm thinking of setting up a Wikipedia page for it just to see if it'll stick.)
· The "Jenn Sterger's Rack Award," for the best photoshop or other gag of the year (this was specifically in reference to the commemorative motivational posters I offered in the wake of this past year's Georgia-Georgia Tech game).

I'm not mentioning all this to beg for votes in any of those categories, because quite frankly, this blog can't hold a candle to some of the other blogs that were nominated -- really, you need to click on some of the links at Rocky Top Talk, where the finalists have all been collected, and check 'em out. But if nothing else, I wanted to point out that, yes, occasionally this blog does get recognition in a manner other than "Georgia football/the state of Alabama/the Washington Redskins/Democrats/the Volkswagen Jetta SUCKS, you faggot!!1!!1!one!eleven!!1!"

Anyway, good luck to all the other finalists . . . and now the Ten:

1. New Order, "Rock the Shack"
2. Orbital, "Lush 3.1"
3. The Chemical Brothers, "Otter Rock"
4. Pet Shop Boys, "Opportunities (Reprise)"
5. Pet Shop Boys, "A Red Letter Day" (live)
6. James Brown, "Papa Don't Take No Mess"
7. Venus Attack Project, "Riviera Paradise"
8. Billie Holiday, "Strange Fruit"
9. The Stone Roses, "Begging You"
10. DJ Shadow, "Giving Up the Ghost"

As always your own Ten(s) are welcome in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! The toaster throwing episode is indeed a classic.

Anonymous said...

So how do we vote?

Anonymous said...

The "Angry Kitchen Maid" award - the most rage induced houseware casualties during a single football season.

Start preparing your acceptance speech Doug.

1. "Headlock" - Imogen Heap
2. "Melt Your Heart" - Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins
3. "Adrift" - Barenaked Ladies
4. "Let Go" - Frou Frou
5. "Blue in the Face" - Alkaline Trio
6. "Camelback Cinema" - Primus
7. "Shoes" - Kelly
8. "Caustic Acrostic" - Fugazi
9. "Undone" - Owsley
10. "Romeo and Juliet" - Dire Straits

Anonymous said...

By the way, "Begging You" is a frickin awesome tune.

Kevin said...

We need to update your iPod library dude.

1. Citizen Cope, "Brother Lee"
2. Matt Costa, "Cold December"
3. Pantera, "Yesterday Don't Mean Shit"
4. James Taylor, "Mexico"
5. O.A.R., "About Mr. Brown"
6. Ben Harper, "Get It Like You Like It"
7. C.O.C., "In the Arms of God"
8. 2 Skinnee J's, "One Summer"
9. Elliott Smith, "Twilight"
10. Fenix TX, "Tearjerker"

Bonus Track - Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Don't Know How To Party"

I particularly enjoyed the fact that James Taylor came right after Pantera.

Anonymous said...

1. Elvis Costello, "Monkey to Man"
2. Tom Tom Club, "Holy Water"
3. Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
4. The Icy Shores, "Firelung"
5. The Replacements, "Talent Show"
6. Eric Clapton, "Blues Before Sunrise"
7. Neil Young, "Roll Another Number"
8. Godplow, "Malcolm's Private Agenda"
9. Nirvana, "The Man Who Sold the World"
10. North Mississippi All-Stars, "Casey Jones"