Tuesday, January 9

Blogpoll ballot final: Saluting our new Gator overlords.

Florida may be h3lm3tl3ss, but you're still . . .

Well, that was about as thorough a housing as housing gets, and it blew up a number of myths, including, but not exclusive to:

· Florida didn't deserve to be in the national title game (Michigan fans);

· The SEC isn't really that good (Big Ten fans);

· The SEC's reputation for smothering defense is just a mirage (Heismanpundit);

· Ohio State is completely invincible this year (Matt Hayes);

· An SEC team can't win the BCS national title (Tommy Tuberville); and

· You need a helmet to play Division I-A football (everybody except Earl Everett, apparently).

So with the college football season officially over, here's my final 2006/07 Blogpoll ballot. I have to, you know, go to work and stuff, so I'm only gonna put the straight-up rankings up here for now, with the usual comments/analysis/threadbare excuses coming later on today. The first number after each team is their ranking from the previous (pre-bowls) poll; the second number is from my late-August preseason ballot. I hope all this isn't too confusing.

Other than that, congratulations, Gators; I guess it's time for all of us to have a stiff upper lip and get used to being Florida's bitch for the next 365 days. Don't worry, Rest Of The Country, I'll show you how to do this. As a Georgia fan, I am uniquely qualified.

1. Florida (last ballot, 3; preseason, 10)
2. LSU (4; 4)
3. Ohio State (1; 1)
4. Southern California (9; 6)
5. Louisville (6; 8)
6. Wisconsin (7; NR)
7. Michigan (2; 13)
8. Boise State (11; 21)
9. West Virginia (10; 9)
10. Arkansas (8; NR)
11. Auburn (12; 3)
12. Texas (16; 2)
13. Oklahoma (5; 17)
14. Rutgers (13; NR)
15. Brigham Young (22; NR)
16. California (18; 12)
17. Tennessee (14; 19)
18. Wake Forest (17; NR)
19. Georgia (24; 15)
20. Texas Christian (25; 25)
21. Notre Dame (19; 5)
22. Penn State (NR/29; NR/30)
23. Boston College (20; 22)
24. Virginia Tech (21; 14)
25. Oregon State (NR/28; NR)

The next five: Georgia Tech, Oregon, Nebraska, Hawaii, Texas A&M.

Dropped out from last week's poll: Texas A&M (15), Nebraska (23).

Dropped out from preseason poll: Iowa (7 -- yikes), Miami (11), Florida State (16), Texas Tech (18), Utah (20), Oregon (23), Clemson (24).


Anonymous said...

I know I'm being a homer for saying this, but I think that rating Ohio State over USC is being a bit generous -- I think that SC would have pantsed tOSU every bit as badly, given the havoc they wreaked on Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify the general position of SEC fans, it is still ok to hate Florida isn't it?

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Oh, yeah, absolutely. But if the national title has to be in someone's hands, better it be an SEC team than a bunch of Yankees.

Anonymous said...

Well yes, I see your point. Good thinkin', so long as we are all united in agreement that Florida, although the rightful holders of the national title, still suck.

Jay Allbritton said...


It great to be a Florida Gator.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, Vanderbilt played Florida tougher than Ohio State did.

Anonymous said...

Belated congrats on the whole Chancellor of the Sexchequer thing. Apparently Doug IS the sex machine.

Anonymous said...

No, he isn't the sex machine -- he controls the sex machine's budget.

Tony Blair is the sex machine.

Anonymous said...

Bad job on Boise State. You gotta move them up. They're a no-brainer top 5 in my book.

Anonymous said...

How many more BCS bowl games does Notre Dame have to lose before everyone admits it is not 1949 and they are not on the same talent level as the nation's elite teams?