Thursday, January 25

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

OK, Hey Jenny Slater readers -- yes! all three of you -- I have a mission for you. Or a favor to ask. Or an assignment, or something.

It has three parts:

1. Watch the video located here. (It's safe for work, but you still might want to listen via headphones.)

2. Explore the site(s) associated with it, including those of Love God's Way Ministries and Donnie Davies.

3. Vote in the poll below. (Removed -- see updates.)

Have at it . . ."

UPDATE: Donnie Davies surfaces again! He's got a new video that would seem to expose the whole thing as a spoof -- he thanks the openly gay, HIV-positive blogger Andrew Sullivan for "getting behind" him in his efforts. But The Stranger has a new theory: It is a hoax, but "Donnie Davies" is still a homophobe. Readers? All I know is I'm more confused than ever.

UPDATE THE LAST: The polls are closed, because the denouemént has been reached; go here for the exciting conclusion. In the end, it was 39% voting for "hoax," 32% voting for "oh, crap, it's real," and the other 29% still too confused to state a definite opinion. Results that even kind of tell you just how slick a job Joey Oglesby . . . er, I mean, Donnie Davies did.


Anonymous said...

that is sooooo sad ..."God hates fags"? So far from what the Bible teaches us - God loves us all! Basic message!

Anonymous said... most of your voters (and you do have more than three - woohoo!) think that is satire? Maybe I should not have clicked it off in disgust so quickly - what did I miss?

Anonymous said...

Go onto the Love God's Ministries web page and click on the 'Gay Bands' link to see a list of bands that are gay or promoting a gay message. Among those on the list, Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z.

Anonymous said...

first of all, he's not even playing that guitar he's holding.

Selected quotes:

- "give me strength to fight temptation"
- "help me fight these feelings, and help me rise above"
- "Lord you are my shield, sustain me through the fight. Shelter from the urges, and help me see the light"

Sounds like he's trying really hard to deny his own homosexual urges.

But seriously, hmmmm has the right of it - the Bible teaches universal acceptance and love. God doesn't hate anyone, no matter what "choices" they make. Any "Christian" who says any differently does not deserve to call themselves Christian.

He's got too much of a smirk on his face, this has to be a joke - but sadly enough, I'm sure there are people that do actually believe this and feel this way.

Anonymous said...

Well I couldn't get the video to play, but they call Oscar Wilde a "reformed homosexual" on the LGWM homepage, and as far as I remember from my days as an English major, Wilde never reformed so that's a major flaw in the argument there.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Love God's Way Web site has a quote from Oscar Wilde, whom they describe as a recovered homosexual who eventually found Jesus, makes me suspect that it's a joke. Also:

- "To enter heaven, there's no back door"
- "Righteous man, get on your kness, there lies no virtue in so-do-my"
- the pink shirt with open collar
- the guy in the tight, red "Gap essential gay man's tee"

But it's possible that I'm just projecting my deepest, most sincere prayers that it's a joke. Regardless, the scariest part is that we have to wonder whether it's a joke or not - that there are enough people out there who really feel this way that we can't tell for sure.

Anonymous said...

He has Cyndi Laupner as "safe" music and Ted Neugent as "gay" because of the loin cloth. I think this guy is every bit as real as General J.C. Christian.