Monday, August 28

Putting the "assy" in "fantasy."

Ladies and gentlemen, the starting lineup for the Sex Panthers, the soon-to-be-2006 champions of the Big Ass Football League:

QB Jake Plummer
WR Hines Ward
WR Javon Walker
RB Larry Johnson
TE Heath Miller
WR/RB Willie Jackson
WR/TE Laveranues Coles

K David Akers

DL Nick Barnett
DL Keith Brooking
DL Derrick Brooks
DL Cato June
DB Champ Bailey
DB Sammy Knight
DB Charles Tillman

And those riding the pine, for now:

QB Marc Bulger
QB Chad Pennington
WR Andre Johnson
WR Joe Jurevicius
RB Fred Taylor
TE Joel Klopfenstein
DL Karlos Dansby
DL Lance Briggs
DB Brian Dawkins
DB Michael Lewis

If any of y'all are participating in fantasy football this year and have had your draft already, lemme know who you got. I'm interested in seeing whom everyone else is forging into the 2006 season with.


oreo said...

Not bad. I'm in two leagues, here's my team in one of them:
QB - D.Bledsoe DAL
WR - R.Moss OAK
WR - R.Wayne IND
WR - D.Driver GB
RB - S.Alexander SEA
RB - D.McAllister NO
TE - L.Smith PHI
W/R - F.Gore SF
bench - D.Branch NE
bench - C.Benson CHI
bench - C.Brown TEN
bench - G.Jones JAX - my sleeper...torn ACL and been replaced by Devery Henderson (NO)
bench - S.McNair BAL
bench - K.Winslow CLE
bench - M.Turner SD
K - J.Wilkins STL
DEF - Jacksonville

Just a warning though, Shaun Alexander is bound to get hurt this season. I just remembered he's on the cover of the Madden 2007 game!!!

Dan said...

I still can't believe that Larry Johnson fell to the fourth pick.

Josh M. said...

Dan, I came in here to post the EXACT same thing. I would have taken LJ at #1.

Despite Dougly assertions to the contrary, my competing team is stellar. I have three of the four top defensive scorers from last season, just for starters. Add in DeAngelo Hall (who was injured much of 2005) and Chris Gamble, and I don't even have to have offense to win. That said, I will have offense. THIS offense (starters listed, backups in parentheses):

QB: Daunte Culpepper (Vick)
RB: Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams (Laurence Maroney, DeAngelo Williams, Jerious Norwood - all rookies, but all immediate starters if something happens to their older, injury-prone 1st stringers)
WR: Randy Moss, Derrick Mason, Keyshawn Johnson (Drew Bennett, Roddy White)
TE: Alge Crumpler (Jermaine Wiggins)
K: John Kasay

ctrosecrans said...

fuck me running... i just changed my team's name to sex panther by odeon -- before i saw this, i swear