Wednesday, November 23

Wednesday morning Bostonblogging, Win One for the Terrier Edition.

A while back, on my previous blog, I vowed I would never post pictures of pets -- and proceeded to break that vow with my very first post on this current one. I also vowed at one point I would never put clothes on any of my pets, but my sister, who knits like Shaq misses free throws, made up her mind months ago that she was going to knit Jenna the Boston terrier a red-and-black Georgia sweater, and there was no way I could say no to that. And it stands to reason that at some point I vowed I would never post pictures of my pets wearing clothes, but . . . well, if you're going to throw one promise out the window, you might as well chuck all three.

There's sort of a twofold reason for posting these. First, of course, is the fact that this is Georgia-Georgia Tech week. But second is the fact that Jenna had surgery yesterday to correct a grade 3 or 4 patellar luxation. She was doing her usual attention-seeking, tail-chasing routine at my aunt and uncle's house on Saturday and all of a sudden came up limping; it turned out her kneecap had slipped outside the patellar groove and wasn't going to stay back in unless her tibial crest was reshaped and the patellar tendon was pinned into a position where it would lie straight up-and-down across the knee joint. So yeah, she's now got a pin in her knee like an injured baseball player, and a bandage on her right hind leg that should come off around the middle of next week.

What this means, of course, is that Jenna will be inactive for the Georgia Tech game this weekend, and probably for the SEC championship game on December 3 as well. However, we're optimistic that she'll be back in time for the bowl game. And even with the gimpy leg, she can still cover receivers better than Ruben Houston.

Anyway, today we're headed down to Columbus to spend the holiday with the family, where Jenna is destined to be spoiled rotten by my mom all weekend long. Ten bucks says within a few hours of getting back up to Birmingham on Sunday, Jenna's going to be giving me dirty looks (and possibly peeing on the floor) because I'm not constantly giving her flank steak and/or leftover turkey. Well, life is tough, kid. The last five days should've taught you that.


Nathan said...

That is one unbelievably cute dog.

Unknown said...

Dude, that puppy doctor visit sounds expensive. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to just buy a new dog?


Mr. Sensitive

PS - If you post any more pictures of animals smaller than 40 lbs wearing knitted garments, I'm going to have to assemble your friends (or UGA bloggers or whoever) and hold an intervention for you.

DAve said...

Nice bitch you got there, Doug.

/requisite "bitch" joke

Anonymous said...

Why would he want a new dog when the one he has is that adorable? Jenna is soo adorable Doug. And the puppy pictures of her are even more adorable. I wish I could get my dog to wear sweaters. :( Does she struggle at all when you put them on her?

Anonymous said...

haha, I agree with (and laughed at) everything except for Doug Flutie being awesome - what a loser that guy is...