Wednesday, November 30

Holla at your Dawgs.

From Paul Westerdawg comes news of a "Dawg Walk" for the SEC Championship game. The details:

ATHENS - The University of Georgia Dawg Walk prior to the SEC Championship Game Saturday at the Georgia Dome will begin at 3:55 p.m.

The team will arrive and depart the buses at the West Plaza near the Gold Parking Deck off Northside Dr. They will proceed to Stairtower Four at which point they will go down stairs to the players' entrance.

That's Gate B for the Georgia Dome n00bs out there. I can't remember if we did this the last time the Dawgs went to The Show -- I was at the 2003 championship game, and all I remember about that (besides Georgia getting their asses handed to them) was some MBA from LSU sitting behind me who felt the need to show off for his date by making some comment after every single play, and in the process busting out some of the lamest trash talk I've ever been privy to. F'rinstance, after LSU's kicker shanked his second extra-point attempt of the game, as the Georgia players trotted off the field, this guy yells -- with absolute sincerity from where I was sitting -- "Well, at least we didn't sell our SEC Championship rings!" Only it was more "say-yull," "champ-in-shee-yup" and "ranngs." I know, I know, I'm a Georgia grad and I'm the last person who should be redneck-baiting anybody, but for Christ's sake, Cooter. Really.

What was my point again? -- oh, yeah, I don't know if we did this in 2003, but I'm really glad we're doing it this year. If LSU's players are expecting this to be like a Georgia home game, we might as well make it one.

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