Monday, March 14

Some old soldiers neither die, nor fade away, but rather simply get new Web sites.

Official Hey Jenny Slater homey Wes Clark's new Web site is located at -- thus leaving the Republicans one fewer Democrat whom they can accuse of not caring about national security. (Thanks to another official HJS homey, Blake Pritchett, for the link.)

All y'all ex-Clarkies -- and I know some of you are still out there -- make sure you go by and check it out. Also check it out if you're a pissed-off Dem who's already casting an eye toward 2008. I mean, I'm not saying. I'm just saying.


Mary said...

Wes Clark is on my List.

Does that make me weird?

oyster said...

I've seen your list, Mary, and Wes Clark should be the least of your worries.

Doug, thanks for the Clark link. Good to see you back.