Saturday, March 26

Death is not an option.

· Kevin Federline or Vincent Gallo?

· "Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous" or "Guess Who"?

· Dining alone on finger chili, or a seven-course meal at 21 with Tom DeLay?

· Punked by a 13 seed in the first round, or by a 5th seed in the Sweet 16?

· Reading Hustler with Michael Jackson, or tongue-kissing Ann Coulter?

· Getting screamed at by Howard Dean, or getting a voice mail from Pat O'Brien?


Anonymous said...

Oh god.

Kevin over Vincent.

MG2 over Guess Who.

Dining alone.

Punked by a #13 in the first round.

Neither are appealing; but I'd rather read Hustler with Jacko.

And, of course, getting screamed at by Dean. :D

Anonymous said...

i had to break the silence for this one...

Vincent - gotta meet a guy who needs a dick double.

DeLay - only if I serve the first course with a double barrel.

13th - at least they took it to OT!

Ann C. - so I can check her for that penis I think she's hiding.