Thursday, March 10

Ah, yes, the timeless seduction of mayonnaise.

Jenna Zimorowicz struggles in a coleslaw wrestling match in Samsula, Florida during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida March 9, 2005. The annual ten-day event attracts motorcyclists of all varieties with over 500,000 expected this year.

In case you didn't know, I live almost right across the street from a dance club called Bell Bottoms, where -- once upon a time -- they had Jell-O wrestling every Wednesday night. Is this what we've come to? Was there really a popular outcry on the part of the nation's drunk-screamy-beachgoing-college-chick community whereby they declared coleslaw sexier than Jell-O and demanded that something be done about it?

If anyone can identify anything less sexy to wrestle in than coleslaw in the comments thread, have at it. Otherwise I'm going to have to assume our society really is in as bad a decline as everyone's been saying. Why haven't the prudes at National Review put together a 10,000-word essay on this?


Michael said...

Corned Beef Hash would be more disgusting...

Jen said...
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Anonymous said...

things grosser than coleslaw:
my grandmother's creamed cabbage
curdled milk
deviled ham (a.k.a. cat food)
fish guts
cow poo

Anonymous said...

Tuna puree

Mary said...

Litter box right after the cat's been in it.

Aw, I'm grossin myself out.

ACG said...

Cole slaw made with vinegar instead of mayonnaise

Anonymous said...

Carolina BBQ wrasslin!

New England Clam Chowda wrasslin!

Boston Clam Chowda wrasslin!

Lard in the sun on a hot summer day with lots of gnats wrasslin!

There are lot's of things worse than cole slaw.

Anonymous said...

How about just good ol' fashioned MUD wrestling?!

Anonymous said...

shelly, mud doesn't go rancid. it is definitely not as gross as anything that can "turn" if left in the sun too long.