Thursday, March 10

I have the power, sort of!

Mere days after starting a blog called Hey Jenny Slater, I get this message in my Friendster inbox:

Subject: 10 year reunion!

I got in touch with Michelle Hunter, our class president. She asked me to post an email address for everyone to send their contact information to. Please send mailing address and phone number to [nothing to see here]. PLEASE forward this email address to anyone you are still in touch with (or not in touch with but have been stalking for 10 years).

Wow. Could it be? Does this blog have the power to bend events to its whim? (If so, where the hell has that been for the past year and a half?)

Oh, well. Just be sure to stay tuned for my next blogs, Doug and Elisha's Honeymoon Adventure and Care and Servicing of Your Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Convertible, coming soon!

Editor's note: Right as I started typing this post, guess what came on Comedy Central -- "One Crazy Summer," starring . . . John Cusack. Just thought you should know.

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