Friday, December 18

The Friday Random Ten gives its annual salute.

Next week's Friday is Christmas Day, at which point y'all will certainly have more fulfilling things to do than read a blog post (I'm damn sure gonna have better things to do than write one), so the Friday Random Ten will almost certainly be taking a hiatus. So this week seemed like a perfect time for one of Hey Jenny Slater's annual traditions: a tribute to the Sexy Santa costume.

We begin with Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, and Chanelle Hayes, ringing in the holiday season the way the British do best.

Here's the beloved Tennessee Titans cheerleading squad, decked out for Christmas (and for an unholy mudhole-stomping of the Rams) last week.

Holly submits this teal-and-rhinestone'd take on the Sexy Santa outfit, as observed on the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders during the Jags-Colts game last night

Followed by Alessandra Ambrosio, also an annual HJS tradition, for obvious reasons.

And Katy Perry, whom Holly is gonna kill me for putting up here:

And . . . whoever these chicks are:

Finally, this might be stretching the definition of a Sexy Santa outfit somewhat, but hey, they're Australian and it's summer down there, so whatever.

Merry Christmas, everyone -- may your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be low-cut and marabou-trimmed.

Here's the Ten:

1. De La Soul, "Say No Go"
2. Beck, "Replica"
3. The Who, "Squeeze Box"
4. Underworld, "Faxed Invitation"
5. R.E.M., "Daysleeper"
6. Beck, "High 5 (Rock the Catskills)"
7. Richard Cheese, "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
8. Peter Gabriel, "Steam"
9. Opus III, "It's a Fine Day"
10. Beck, "Soul of a Man"

It's the holidays, folks, so go nuts -- Random Tens, Christmas wishes, Sexy Santas to whom you might be partial -- in the comments.


Holly said...

You know, seeing as how I HELP YOU HUNT FOR SEXY SANTAS ON THE INTERNETS, I think I deserve a little consideration, in the form of not having to look at Katy Perry's snatch. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Josh M. said...

A picture of hot British chicks just isn't complete without Keeley Hazell. YUM.

Google Image in the privacy of your own home.

Zen Bubba said...

Good move on putting Val and the Titans Cheer Squad up there. Perhaps now the Tenn Tech curse will be broken

Zen Bubba said...

Btw, "ultimatebootfetish .com"???

Will said...

The only thing missing is Michelle Monaghan from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
(Google it...or, better yet, Netflix it.)