Monday, August 25

Pick this.

I'm doing another college football pick 'em group this year on Yahoo -- same as last year, it involves picking each week's Top 25 games against the spread. If you want to join, go hyah and enter league ID# 18356 and password "stafford" (all lower case).

Unlike previous years, this year we'll be dropping everyone's worst two weeks of picks, so if you miss a week or two it won't permanently bone you in the overall standings. The winner gets an old piece of Georgia memorabilia of my choosing (and of minimal value), as well as the unbridled joy of being smarter than everyone else, and really, who can put a price on that?


Anonymous said...

"...made all the more wonderful by the comforting realization that I don't currently own any of these things..."

Oh yeah? Don't Boston Terriers count as miniature dogs? (I bet that Dachshund weighs about the same as one of your bostons.) And don't you have two?

Just trying to keep you honest.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I'm assuming you meant to leave your comment at the post above this one?

Anyway, Boston Terriers aren't automatically miniature dogs. Some people do own Miniature Bostons, but those dogs are generally around 15 inches long and weigh ~10 pounds; my dogs are 23"/15lbs. and 26"/25lbs.

And, of course, I have empirical proof that chicks dig them.