Thursday, August 14


As one of my commenters predicted, yes, I brought the rain with me down to Seagrove on Tuesday -- it rained almost all the way down to Florida, rained off and on Tuesday night, rained sideways Wednesday morning, sprinkled off and on for the rest of the day. was predicting at least a 30% chance of rain every remaining day this week, and there were times when I thought I might look into a mirror and see a real-life version of Shleprock, wondering if I'd see more than 30 consecutive minutes of sunshine at any point before I had to leave on Sunday. (Not that I was stressing too much about that, not as long as there was a big bottle of Tanqueray on the kitchen counter, but still.)

Fortunately, this is what I got to wake up to this morning.

So don't worry about me -- there's been enough sun today to ensure that I'll be a rich, agonizing shade of Georgia red by the time I drag my ass back into the Salty 'Ham a few days from now, the kind of red that will leave a nice white circle in it if you poke me with your finger (as I go OW OW IT BURNS QUIT IT and retire to my bedroom to cry like a little girl). I haven't forgotten about y'all, though. Even though wireless Internetwebs is costing me $5-$10 per day up in this bitch, the blog will still be updated over the next few days as follows:

Friday -- A Friday Random Ten. Maybe even a +5. If you don't annoy me too much between now and then.
Saturday -- Nothing, sorry. Blogging went up against alcohol consumption in the Priority Cage Match and lost, big time.
Sunday -- Preseason BlogPoll ballot, which I already know most of you are going to hate. Reason the First: Georgia's not gonna be #1. Sorry.
Monday -- BlogPoll administrator and MGoBlog CEO Brian Cook has vested in me the authority to do the opening preseason BlogPoll roundtable, so poll participants, keep your eyes peeled around that time.

Belittle my politics, my football affiliations, or even my physical appearance if you must, but let no one cast aspersions on my commitment to blogging, because I could've sucked down at least two G&Ts in just the time it took to bang out this half-assed post.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got sand to get in my britches.


Anonymous said...

Rain notwithstanding, don't hurry back. We're having a blast without you. Especially Champ...he's livin' large on two fenced acres and a bag full of toys. And cheese in his dog food. Good times...

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky, lucky man. Seagrove is awesome no matter the weather! Have a taco at that little stand in the plaza by the beach and make sure to check out the Truman House while you're there.