Thursday, August 28

God, I love this state.

I was on the phone the other night with someone who recently started law-school classes at Alabama, and of course the subject turned to football, and somehow the question got posed as to how long it would take to find an Alabama fan on a blog or message board pushing true-freshman WR Julio Jones, Bama's top recruit from this past year's class as a Heisman candidate.

Took me about 10 minutes.

Lefty I saw the 7 on 7s and Julio was like a man among boys. He only dropped one pass the whole time and that was due to JPW throwing it low and behind him and yet Julio almost made that catch. Laugh now but the kid can possibly be considered for the Heisman as a true freshman. His new nickname is "Gamebreaker" and the title appears to be well deserved.

But that's not even the funniest thing about this thread. The next commenter in the thread responded with, "Ladies and gentlemen! The next superstar at the University of Alabama! Julio Jones!" To which "Stoney" replied . . .

What happpened to being cautiously optimistic and not letting the cat out of the bag? We want to sneak up on these teams not go trumpeting our secret weapon. Sheesh!

Uh-huh. Man among boys . . . considered for the Heisman . . . "His new nickname is 'Gamebreaker' " . . . that's cautious optimism. But don't go hyping him! We don't want to trumpet our secret weapon! . . . &c &c &c.

This is why, even as a Georgia fan, I think there may be no finer place from which to experience an SEC football season than right here in Alabama. The crazy gets ratcheted up to 11 by August and only increases from there. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Doug, our craziness is clearly shown by an anonymous internet poster versus say,I don't know, a kid with a sign on national television, before the fourth game of the season, asking the world if they "Know" shon.

[dammit, now they definitely know about out secret weapon - wait, did I just say that out loud]

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Fair enough, but by the time Knowshon took the field at Alabama, he'd rolled up 286 rushing yards at a 6.1-ypc clip. And we mostly waited until he'd run all over Florida to start pumping him for the Heisman.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the "mostly". Had I had any dignity when I started, this is the point where I'd leave with it.