Saturday, February 17

"That's racist! I'm not on crack. I'm straight-up mentally ill!"

If you're just sitting around bored this weekend with literally no football to watch for the first time in six months, or if you're just someone in upstate New York who's slowly going bonkers being stuck inside under seventeen feet of snow, here are a bunch of clips from "30 Rock," which I consider to be far and away the funniest new show on TV. Yes, I knew I kind of whiffed on my prediction/hope that "Studio 60" would turn out to be teh awesome, but I've seen a bunch more episodes of "30 Rock," and trust me, it really is consistently good.

First, a promo narrated by the indescribably kickass Tina Fey with some scenes that kind of set the whole thing up.

The show has a number of very funny running gags that might be described as very "Arrested Development"-esque; my favorite centers around a movie titled "The Rural Juror."

Another is everpresent physician Dr. Leo Spaceman.

And, finally, some of Alec Baldwin's greatest hits from the "Tracy Does Conan" episode. Alec Baldwin, turns out, is one of the funniest people alive.

Thursday night on NBC may be the best it's ever been at this point -- yes, even better than the heady days of "Seinfeld" and "Friends." Those shows were funny, but whatever the network chose to drop in between them was inevitably awful. Now NBC has four shows in a row ("My Name Is Earl," "The Office," "Scrubs," and "30 Rock") that can go toe-to-toe with any sitcom currently on television.


NCT said...

30 Rock is a great show. I had high hopes for Studio 60, too, because I like the premise and I was a big West Wing fan, but it's gotten a little too soap-opera-romancy for me. I've still got a TiVo season pass for it, though. Speaking of Monday night: Heroes? Awesome.

But Thursday night? NBC has brought must-see back. Great line-up with Scrubs, 30 Rock, The Office, and Earl. (I can't remember the order because of the TiVo thing.)

Anonymous said...

Right on! The Office rules! 30 Rock is second best, with Earl in a close third. Scrubs is still funny but appears to be heading down.

Universal Remonster said...

I love the Thursday night line-up. My favorite show, however, is Monday night's "How I Met Your Mother".