Thursday, February 1

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Things may be a little screwy on this blog for the next few days -- I switched over to the new-and-improved Blogger this morning, which, for the first hour at least, has proven to be "new and improved" in much the same way New Coke was back in 1985. A post I was trying to write just now was ruthlessly vandalized to within an inch of its life by having all its hyperlinks wiped out, and it's starting to look like anyone who actually bothered to leave a comment by signing in with their Blogger account has been neutered down to "anonymous" status. Posting photographs, too, looks to be turning into an even bigger pain in the rear than it already was.

But bear with me, I'll get it all straightened out. You'll note that starting with this one, posts will include labels so that you can immediately go to all posts of a certain category, be it politics or hot chicks or whatever. I'm sure this will be a big boon to those of you who like reading about football but hate my treasonous left-wing rants, or vice versa.

Anyhoo. Thanks for your patience. Robust self-aggrandizement over my recent recognition in the College Football Blogger Awards to follow later on today.

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Josh M. said...

Blogger has been unusually screwy all morning. I've been with the "improved" version for a couple months now, and it usually works fine. You just have bad timing, that's all. Shoulda switched over tomorrow.

Love, Josh (Just in case.)