Friday, February 2

Friday Random Ten and fat/non-fat update.

With an indeterminate number of precincts reporting, Hey Jenny Slater is calling the Great Tyra Banks Fat/Non-Fat Debate of 2007 for "Not Fat" -- actually, "Hott with Two Ts," which as of now has taken just under 80 percent of the vote. So I guess we can officially dismiss Tyra's alleged fatness as a more or less purely tabloid-constructed phenomenon. I believe all the more salient points have already been made, so I'll simply say this: I wasn't one of those people who vowed to leave the United States if George Bush got elected in 2004, or if we invaded Iraq, or whatever, but if we ever get to the point in this country where a 5'10", 161-pound, 34DD-packing woman is considered gross, I am getting the hell out of here.

Anyhoo. The Ten:

1. Moby, "Find My Baby"
2. Radiohead, "Morning Bell"
3. Shane MacGowan and the Popes, "That Woman's Got Me Drinking"
4. DJ Shadow, "Ape Shall Never Kill Ape"
5. Johnny Cash, "Mary of the Wild Moor"
6. The Human League, "Human"
7. James Brown, "Give It Up or Turn It Loose"
8. A Tribe Called Quest, "Oh My God" (remix)
9. David Cross, "Flying on a Mexican Plane"
10. U2, "The Wanderer"

and a bonus 11th -- no, I'm not even going to name it on here. I'm too embarrassed. I'm simply going to put the video up here and see how many people remember how f'ing huge this was on MTV back in, like, 1985.

Last but not least: Colts 31, Bears 16.

Toss your own Random Tens, embarrassing '80s music memories, Super Bowl XLI predictions, whatever in the comments.


Josh M. said...

I like the prediction, but at least seven of those Bears points will be scored by the defense. Actually, I mean "at least 16."

Darn work filter - can't get the Youtubes. 1985, though? "Power of Love?" "Money For Nothing?" Or, since its you, Wham's "I'm Your Man?"

Josh M. said...

And I f'in love "The Wanderer."

Anonymous said...

Now that I've wiped away the tears of blood caused by that song, the best efforts of my iPod:

1. Where's your head at, Basement Jaxx
2. Downtempo Manifesto, DJ Spooky vs The Freight Elevator Quartet
3. Holiday in Cambodia, Dead Kennedys
4. Out of Step, Minor Threat
5. I want you, The Beatles
6. Janes Says, Jane's Addiction
7. In The Rain, Madness
8. It's up to you (live), the Specials
9. C'mon 'n' Ride It (The Train), Quad City DJs
10. I fought the law, The Clash

DAve said...

I can unequivocally say that Josh loves this song, has it on iTunes, and probably has it backed up on a two different thumb drives, just in case.

Kanu said...

Damn - don't know what's worse - that video, or the fact that I saw them perform it in concert last summer

Anyhow, my co-worker and I curse you both because it is stuck in both our heads now and surely will be all fucking day.

Happy Weekend to all. Now then:

1. "Otha Fish", The Pharcyde
2. "My Kung Fu", Mos Def
3. "Sunday Morning", Maroon 5
4. "Genevieve", Greyboy
5. "Punkie", Sean Paul
6. "Aqualung", Morcheeba
7. "Ill Communication", Beastie Boys
8. "Monkey Bars", Jurassic 5
9. "Love Is Stronger Than Pride", Sade
10. "Amor Di Mundo", Cesaria Evora

Chaz said...

Aaah, Rebecca DeMornay as Sara. This song was HUGE when I was in 10th or 11th grade. But dammit, it's not going to leave my head for the rest of the day.

Josh M. said...

Ok, I'm home and Youtubes accessible. Are you kidding? Jefferson Starship fuckin' rules. The only thing embarrassing about that was that it wasn't "We Built This City."

Anonymous said...

That is exhibit 1a regarding why it isn't necessarily cool when someone writes a song about you. "Sara Smile" being 1b, naturally.

Anonymous said...

I always feel bad when you see a name actor in a music video. You almost want them to hold up a sign that show how much there car and house payments are.
Krokus "Screaming in the Night" You spend the whole video wondering how much money they over spent on a video for a band that had yet to make it. Not that they ever did.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people keep forgetting the ol NFL cliché that's hardly ever wrong:

DEFENSE wins Championships.

Although surely whoever from the Gayturd nation that sold their f-ing soul to Satan for this last year in the college athletics landscape forgot bout inT-Rex. So maybe the Manning Family can finally claim a big game victory after all...

1. Porno For Pyros - Tahitian Moon
2. U2 - New Year's Day
3. Cake - It's Coming Down
4. Pavement - Rattled By The Rush
5. Billy Squier - The Stroke (thx Billy Madison)
6. Uriah Heep - Gypsy (live '73)
7. Maserati - Keep It Gold
8. The Go - Meet Me At The Movies
9. The Black Keys - Black Door
10. Jefferson Starship - Jane (not just keeping with the theme, but a great opening scene in 'Wet Hot American Summer')