Thursday, February 8

The stupid! It burns!

Courtesy of LD at Gunslingers comes news of noted sociologist and football historian Rush Limbaugh entering into a discussion of racial dynamics in professional football -- right, because that worked for him so well last time:

The media, the sports media, has got social concerns that they are first and foremost interested in, and they're dumping on this guy -- Rex Grossman -- for one reason, folks, and that's because he is a white quarterback. . . . The media -- you, you know the social things. I don't need to go into this. They, they just want this guy not to do well 'cause he's a white quarterback.

Preach it, Rush! It's about time somebody stood up for white quarterbacks, since they have historically gotten hardly any credit for their teams' successes. More often than not, the media just makes them look bad.

Case in point: the QB Grossman was going up against in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning. Here's a guy who has been an integral part of the Colts' success ever since he joined the team in 1998, yet do you ever hear about his contribution? Nope. The guy can't even get a TV endorsement deal -- it's like every company in America has him on some kind of blacklist or something. And just to add insult to injury, those heartless fucks voted him Super Bowl MVP as a big practical joke, just to call even greater attention to his miserable 25-38, 247-yard performance. He couldn't help it if he sucked! You saw how bad the weather was!

And it's not gonna get any better, people. Of the seven quarterbacks selected to go to Saturday's Pro Bowl, only six are white. Unacceptable! What more do we have to do to make sure that whites are properly represented at this position?

My only beef with Limbaugh is that he didn't go far enough. Now that we know how white quarterbacks are automatically the target of more criticism than any other race, where is the apology for Ryan Leaf for all the abuse heaped on him all those years? When is someone going to say "I'm sorry" for making fun of Chris Weinke?

Seriously, I can't even imagine how stupid someone would have to be to buy this. As much as my stomach turns at the mere thought of Rush Limbaugh, I could at least give him credit for occasionally being clever, but this was like a sub-Sean Hannity, even sub-Michael Savage, level of stupid. The Democrats must be seriously kicking his rhetorical ass if this is the best thing he can find to piss and moan about.


Trey said...

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are jokes that aren't funny. They have marginalized themselves, even from their own loyal base of listening crazies. It's sad, really.

Jay Allbritton said...

The blog posts practically write themselves these days.

Universal Remonster said...

Don't you love Rush? Just when you think he's calmed down he busts out with something like this just to fuck wit ya. Also, if you look into the numbers, while african american quaterbacks have increased in numbers over the last two decades it is still a position that is dominated by nearly 85% white males. I'm sure the sports community wants them all to suffer.