Saturday, January 13

Enemy of the taste.

In case you were wondering whether the right wing could possibly have any remaining tricks up its sleeve in its ongoing mission to turn the United States into an Orwellian parody of itself, you're in luck: They do! Leading the charge is ever-obedient right-wing mouth breather Sean Hannity, whose new Sunday-night program is naming, I shit you not, a weekly "Enemy of the State."

Now, I'm not going to go off on how blatantly fascistic/Stalinistic this is, because that should be readily apparent to anybody with an IQ higher than their inseam (and even a few right-wingers). Instead, I want to draw attention to Hannity's choice of whom would be the first to receive this dubious honor.

Sean Penn?

Look, I got no beef with Sean Penn as a person. He's a terrific actor -- if he didn't give you chills in "Mystic River," you don't have a pulse -- and he's spoken on behalf of some causes I agree with. But let's be honest with ourselves, and I'm talking to both Republicans and Democrats here: Sean Penn is about as politically relevant as Adlai Stevenson at this point. Hannity himself even asks whom Penn represents other than "other bad actors," and the answer is, well, nobody, Sean. Nobody has ever cast a vote for him for public office that I know of, which means that when he calls you a "whore" or calls for numerous people in the Bush administration to be impeached, he's not doing so with the endorsement or backing of any major political party; thus, he's really not all that different from any of the thousands of other people who have . . . called you a whore or called for numerous people in the Bush administration to be impeached.

Yup, there's lots of 'em, Hannity, and if you're going to declare them all "Enemies of the State," it's going to take you quite a few weeks' worth of shows. But you're not prepared to do that; you only picked out Penn because he's famous and would thus allow you to whip out the same old "Hollyweird" accusations you've been lodging since pretty much the beginning of time.

Now, as much as I abhor totalitarianism of any stripe, I can still acknowledge the sheer balls it takes for someone to pop up and start advocating it, particularly in a democratic society. Sean, when I heard you were actually starting up an "Enemy of the State" feature, I was prepared for what basically amounted to a fatwa. Like Andrew Sullivan, I was waiting for a Two Minutes' Hate. I was hoping to see you call out Democrats and left-wingers at the very highest levels of our government, spew unhinged accusations of the Kevin Bacon chains connecting them directly to al-Qaeda, and order the rest of us to destroy them. I was hoping to be shocked.

Instead . . . you chose Sean Penn. You had a chance to do something balls-to-the-wall crazy, and you punted. I'm disappointed.

Hannity, you're a pussy.

So I'm gonna help you out here, because next time you do this "Enemy of the State" thing, goddammit, you're gonna do it right. You're gonna put Barack Obama's face up on that screen and you're gonna remind the world that his middle name is "Hussein" and his last name rhymes with "Osama," and you're gonna repeat verbatim all those accusations on that he's a Muslim and, therefore, the Antichrist. You're going to put Hillary Clinton's face up there and make a direct appeal for a citizen militia to surround her house in Chappaqua and put her under house arrest. Bring Ann Coulter on your show, and together the two of you can demand proof that Nancy Pelosi didn't attend Saddam Hussein's funeral.

But if you're gonna invoke the most blatant of fascist themes, Hannity, then sack up and do it. Go big or go home. This is the very sanctity of our country we're talking about! Or do you not really care about that?

On second thought, don't answer.


Anonymous said...

Well, on the video all he suggested was that Penn come on the show to defend his point of view. How is that fascist? How does that equate to totalitarianism? Either your political beliefs have gone so far to the Left as to not be believed or your education has failed you miserably. Other than differing points of view, how is Hannity any different than Penn? Nobody has ever cast a vote for Hannity either. Hannity is not the chosen representative of anybody either. How is he different? Oh, yeah, he has different beliefs than you do. That's what makes him crazy, Stalinistic, a fascist and a totalitarian, right?

Doug, if you do a little bit of research, you'll find that your post is a lot closer to having a fascist/Orwellian/dehumanizing tone than the clip of one jackass insulting another jackass for insulting him. If Hannity had any kind of legislative, executive or judicial authority, you "might" have a point. But he doesn't, so it just leaves your post as being hyperbolic ramblings that give evidence to the fact that you do not have even a basic knowledge of the imagery you invoke or concepts you employ. Neither historically nor contemporarily.

You should stick to sports commentary. It is where your creative strengths lie.

Anonymous said...

Can believe Hannity and his facist sounding EOTS title. Normally he chooses his words so carefully in a flag wrapped sanitized way....kind of reminds me of how the comedian Kathleen Madigan jokes about how bad bills get through Congress cause they call them names like the "Be nice to retarded people Bill". I would have expected him to use the words "Enemy of Freedom". BTW, just what state is he in charge of cause I want to make sure I dont break any laws if I happen to be visiting there. I have a feeling that if you disagree with him or the "state" you have to wear a scarlet U for Unamerican or E for Enemy of Freedom.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Anonymous, did you miss the part where Hannity called Penn an "enemy of the state"? In other words, the whole point of the post?

I have no problem with debate, research, etc., but if you're not even gonna bother to read what I write before you throw some half-baked tantrum, take your whining elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I also like the fact that Sean Hannity thinks enough of himself to be the one selecting and presenting "enemies of the state" on behalf of, I suppose, the state. What he should do with each segment is to name somebody inconsequential or irrelevant, do his thing, and then move right on to a sit down with Michelle Malkin and have her react to his choice, on the spot. I wonder if being picked comes with the prize of an invite to a hunting trip with the VP?

Oh, does Colmes get his choice for EOTS also? Because, otherwise, ya know, it might not be fair, or something.

Anonymous said...

One almost wishes Penn would show up and kick the shit out of him as he has done to media in the past. I for one would tune in to watch that!

Anonymous said...

And Doug, please don't go back to football exclusivly, college ball is over and pro ball stopped mattering when Joe Gibbs decided to keep the Redskins out of the post season this year (I still can't figure out what his stratagy was for that, but I won't question Coach Gibbs' unfathomable reasons for not going undefeated this year, which every 'Skins fan knows he could of if he felt like it.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug

I love your blog (I'm a daily reader), but I have to speak up on this one.

I think Hannity went after Sean Penn because Mr Penn is a dick. He's so easy to despise, if you disagree with his politics.

You could almost say that Hannity's show is similar to a lefty blogger leading a post with heady words about Fascist/Stalinist threats to our nation from the right-wing, and then writing about...Sean Hannity.

To my knowledge, neither of our punching-bag Seans are in an actual national government; they're just loud-mouthed goobs. So no, it's not immediately clear how Stalinistic this this.

If the Evil Sean Hannity did actually have Super Fascist Powers, then I doubt you'd even be able to submit your post, much less have your site or yourself still be up and running the next day. Just a little perspective.

Umm, sorry to rant so, but I had to get that one off of my chest.


Anonymous said...

Again, the outrage is not that Hannity criticized Penn's views. The outrage is not that Hannity criticized them harshly. The outrage does not arise out of a claim that Hannity criticized Penn's views and actions unfairly.

The outrage is that he is calling Penn an enemy of the state.

Maybe I'm just too patriotic, but for me, the term "enemy of the state" is a serious charge and carries the mandatory implication that said "enemy" must be imprisoned or worse. Hitler was an enemy of the state. McVeigh was an enemy of the state (before we even knew who he was). But an outspoken actor? This is unacceptable.

Have we really come to the point where this kind of hyperbole is acceptable to people like the anonymous commenters? It honestly reminds me of those "love the sinner but hate the sin" gay basher apologists. But it's worse, since it is a clearer call to action against the target.

Anonymous said...

The hubris of deigning to have the right/need to designate "Enemies of the State" is overwhelming. It obviates the need to engage in debate- one doesn't stoop to the level of debate with an EOS. Sean Penn is no great shakes as an actor, politiican, or person , for that matter, but why should he feel obligated, as Anonymous 1 stated, to go on and debate someone who has thrown down that glove. It simply gives SH and his little EOS schtick credibility it doesn't deserve. What a putz!

Anonymous said...

The comments here depress the hell out of me. How the point can be so utterly missed is scary. Scary because some of you will vote and worse breed. But then again that is what got NUKULUR in office.

Anonymous said...

Ehhh, whats the big deal. Hannity just wanted to one up O'Reilly's Most Ridiculous Item of the Day / Olberman's Worst Person in the World gimmick. I could understand your displeasure if the RNC came out weekly with an "Enemy of the State" award, but who cares if Hannity uses this gimmick in a TV show?

Anonymous said...

Doug, typically I agree with your comments. I find the commentary you have on many subjects enlightening and hilarious and I hope you continue to show us your wit and style. You got moxie. However, in my eyes you have completely lost credibility after this post.....

Sean Penn gave you goosebumps in "Mystic River"?! That movie was a half rate "Sleepers"!! "Is that my daughter in there?!?!?!" Give me a break! Overactor!

I bet you thought I was actually going to dissagree with you there for a second. But, seriously, I think some people are taking this issue a little far. Next thing you know George Clooney will be on the program as "America's Next Big Threat?"

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing about Hannity and other cable demigods is that the public now expects such sanctimonious bs from both the right and left. "Enemy of the State" is just another nail in the coffin of respectable and professional journalism. Love or hate Hannity, the title of this segment is an off the charts attempt to scare the shit out of people.

Anonymous said...

I won't stand for any disparaging comments about Sleepers.

The point that's sort of getting lost in this discussion is that folks - more so on the right than on the left - decry non-politicians in this thing. As Dough noted, it's all guilt by association, as if the fact that Sean Penn is liberal means that all members of the Democratic Party are just like him. Same goes for, say, Charlton Heston or James Woods or other conservative actors who were outspoken.

I don't care at all what Sean Penn or Michael Moore or Charlton Heston or James Woods think. I would much rather know where my elected officals stand on the issues.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't care less about political shows at the moment, not after just watching this. Break out the lotion and a box of kleenex for this highlight reel, dawgfans:


Anonymous said...

I wasn't making a disparaging about "Sleepers". I was making fun of Doug for liking "Mystic River". Have you ever noticed that movies involving malicious homosexual rape at a young age ten to have Kevin Bacon in them? (The Woodsman, Sleepers, Mystic River, Murder in the First) Could it be a phenomenon? Perhaps Kevin Bacon is next weeks "Enemy of the State".

Or it could be Will Smith.

Anonymous said...

disparaging *comment*

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think both Seans are complete d-bags, and you couldn't find 2 more self-important people if you tried.

Titling the end of his show 'EOTS' is just another example of how news coverage has become as much about style as substance. South Park actually did a funny episode about just this same thing.

Is Sean Penn an 'Enemy of the State'? Highly doubtful. Just as doubtful though, is the idea that Hannity is a fascist or a Stalinist. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about our country is that everyone can freely state their point of view.
Can Hannity by somewhat of a putz...yes.
Is Penn somewhat of a Putz. Yep. A bad actor? Sometimes. He is capable of doing good work.
Do we have to agree with each other? No. Another great thing about our country. We don't get machinegunned for it.


Anonymous said...

You liberals need to stick to what you're good at: