Monday, April 3

Grab yourself a nice piece of tailgate.

He's tanned, he's rested, he's ready . . . to sit on his icebag and accept some more table scraps.

As Kyle from Dawgsports has pointed out, the big G-Day Bloggerpalooza '06 (we're still toying with the name, sorry) is just a few days away. Georgia's spring football game (otherwise known as G-Day for the n00bs) kicks off at noon this Saturday, April 8, and a bunch of us Atlanta-area sports bloggers will be getting together 9:00ish to drink, eat and, in many cases (certainly mine), meet each other in person for the first time.

For those who haven't spent any time on UGA's campus -- or those who have but were usually too drunk to remember anything about it -- here's a hastily modified map (original courtesy of the Georgia law school) and a brief explanation:

(click on the map if this image isn't big enough, which it probably isn't)

Mayor Kyle had the very excellent idea that we all meet up at the Arch on Broad Street, right at the edge of North Campus, with our tailgate junk and and then head onto the North Campus quad to set up shop. (The Arch, you will note, is marked by the word "ARCH" in big red letters on this map.) I've circled an approximate location where we may set up, but we may put the tailgate a little closer to the Arch itself to make it easier for people to get from one to the other.

On that note, for those who can't quite drag their bleary-eyed selves over to the Arch at nine a.m., we'll be periodically sending search parties back to the Arch to meet up with stragglers.

Again, the game starts promptly at noon; after it's over, for those who are interested, some of us will almost certainly be venturing back into downtown Athens, denoted by the passed-out guy and the word "bars" on the map, to finish whatever endrunkening was not completed during the tailgate. (Look, it's a perfectly cromulent word.)

Now then. Mayor Kyle has graciously offered to bring fried chicken to start off the feast; Orson from EDSBS mentioned something about bringing various Bloody Mary ingredients; and with my Lenten no-hard-liquor sacrifice still in full effect, I'll be toting cheap champagne and orange juice for mimosas, along with probably some chips or something. This is a good start but leaves some critical Georgia tailgating items still unaccounted for, including, but not exclusive to:

· Beer. (Now, I'm confident we'll have plenty, it's just that nobody has specifically said they're bringing it. The point is, if you wanted to be a sport and throw in a six-pack, we're certainly not about to stop you.)

· Picnic blankets, card tables, camp chairs, etc.

· Some kind of salsa, if that's your bag.

· Sorority girls in little black dresses. Can never have too many of those.

· Krispy Kreme donuts. (You think I've never enjoyed a tailgate with a Miller Lite in one hand and a Krispy Kreme plain glazed in the other? Oh, how little you know me.)

But if it comes down to sorority girls or Krispy Kremes . . . well, look, I can get my own damn donuts.

Anyways, if you're interested in bringing anything or just stopping by while you do other G-Day-related stuff, or if you have any questions about the day's events, drop a note in the comments thread or e-mail me at dougisthesoulmachine at gmail dot com. (No comments on the e-mail address, please, unless you're Cee-Lo.) With any luck we'll have a pretty big crowd, we'll get to put names and faces with blogs, and at least a few people will finally experience the unbridled joy and intoxication of a Saturday-afternoon tailgate in Athens.

Further updates as events warrant . . . hope to see y'all there.


Anonymous said...

Did you just subtley quote a certain comic? I think you may have, in the exact same way that I often do, and you're friends with Martians Attacking Indianapolis, so the odds are thereby way increased, but I'd just like some confirmation, because, you know, I'd be really impressed, like, even more impressed than I already am with this place...

Riley said...

Wow, I didn't realize you'd be that excited about meeting Kyle. I suppose I should've introduced you guys back in 1997 or so, but that was when our main topic of conversation was Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Did I never invite you to a Phi Kappa meeting, Doug???

Kanu said...

Y'all have fun - I'm very jealous that I won't be able to attend on account of living 3,000 miles away. Spent countless afternoons (and got a minor in posession one night) on the stoop in front of Peabody Hall.

And forget moustache wednesday and all those other recurring features in the CFB blogoshpere. I want a weekly (at least) picture of dressed out hot UGA chicks carrying beer. Make it happen Doug. Make it happen.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Tom Joad: I don't think so, but I may have by accident -- tell me which line you were thinking of and I'll tell you whether I did or not.

Benj: No, I don't think you did.

Kanu: I'm trying, dude.

T. Kyle: No, "skool" was my own little touch. Just to tweak the law students, like.

Kanu said...


One night at 2:05 a.m., I decided it would be a grand idea to sneak an entire pitcher of beer out of Peppino's and go sit on my favorite stoop with a friend of mine. One overzealous grad-student UGA cop, and soon thereafter we arrived at A). Thanks to 100 hours of community service at the Red Cross, this never happened in the eyes of the law. Nolo Contendre, how I love thee...

Anonymous said...

Is that REALLY what sorority girls wear to football tailgates in the south??!

In the north they just wear sweatpants, baggy t-shirts and bitch a lot.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

That aspect alone makes a Georgia-Michigan home-and-home important and worthwhile. We'll show y'all how this "tailgate" thing is done -- and it properly involves fried chicken, whiskey, warm weather, and girls in cocktail dresses. Like pepperoni, mushroom, jalapenp and feta-cheese pizza, it only sounds weird until you try it. (Incidentally, you come down to Athens for the Georgia-Michigan game and I'll take you to Rocky's for some of that pizza, too.)

Dan said...

Well guys the pre-planned swirley\melvin recepient is officially bowing out of this. I had thought about the joys of writing a blog entry about what G-Day was like while wearing full GT paraphenalia, but I'm not exactly certain if my medical insurance is up to date.

Actually Mrs. JacketDan already had plans and I got outvoted 1-1. You guys have fun. We'll have to have a mid-season bloggerpalooza sometime this season as well.

Ian said...

The girlfriend will bring chips and salsa. I shall acquire beer.

Unknown said...

I'm in. I'll bring something. I just do n't know what yet.

Reel Fanatic said...

Thoughts about G Day .. that Stafford will be emblazoned on my brain for a long, long time .. Cox looked better than Tereshinski, though he had by far the most snaps .. Charles Johnson is a man among boys and should have a very dominating year