Friday, April 7

Friday Random Ten, pre-tailgate edition.

As I write this, the big G-Day Bloggerpalooza tailgate is just barely 24 hours away, and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about this -- getting to go back to Athens for the first time in five months, getting to finally meet a bunch of my fellow bloggers in person, getting to watch a college football game again, even if it is a meaningless scrimmage between guys on the same team. Call me crazy -- you certainly wouldn't be the first -- but given the choice between free tickets to the NBA Finals and free tickets to the G-Day game, guess what? I'm going to Athens, bitches. Yes, I said it!

Sanford Stadium vs. Auburn Hills: Trust me, the scenery's better down here.

While I try to dig up my CD of fight songs and other stuff by the Georgia Redcoat Marching Band, here's your Ten:

1. Dave Attell, "Fireworks"
2. The Dan Band, "Total Eclipse of the Heart"
3. Happy Mondays, "Lazyitis"
4. R.E.M., "Nightswimming"
5. The Smiths, "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me"
6. Thievery Corporation, "Mañha"
7. Pet Shop Boys, "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" (Coconut 1 remix)
8. Air, "Remember"
9. The John Barry Orchestra, "007"
10. Röyksopp, "Alpha Male"

Throw your own Ten in the comments thread . . . or I suppose you could always just come to the tailgate and tell us in person.

(In other football news . . . hells to the yeah.)


DAve said...

DAve's Random Ten.

The Drizzle said...


Has anyone really said what their game plan is tomorrow pending all the rain that we supposedly might be getting?

As much as I like the spring game and look forward to meeting everyone, driving for 2 hours (or longer in some people's cases) to stand around in the rain for several hours is never exactly the funnest thing to do.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

A very excellent question, one I pondered myself as I checked and found a big angry rain cloud icon in the box for "Saturday."

Fortunately, being on north campus, we'll be close enough to downtown that we can just pack all our shit up and go hole up at The Grill or City Bar or someplace until the game starts. That's about as close to a plan as I have at the moment, but I think it'll work OK . . . if anyone else has any ideas/solutions, feel free to share.

Black Charles said...

Would you really drop $75 on a Randle El jersey? Perhaps it's just my status as a Giants fan talking, but I think Mr. Randle-El is just a tad on the overrated side. Then again, I'm also the dude who, last winter, dropped $250 on an authentic Beltran jersey (and we saw how that one turned out), so what the eff do I know?

Anonymous said...


Wonderful that you decided to ignore my request for a weekly picture of hot UGA co-eds in their gameday best and decided instead to post sich pictures as often as possible.

Good man.