Thursday, June 23

Chivalry not being dead and all that . . .

I stand by my statement that Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and I are just friends -- though occasionally she'll use her senatorial pull to swing me the pimp-daddy suite at the Harrah's in New Orleans when I go down for the weekend, and it's hurricanes, hurricanes, hurricanes 'till the sun comes up -- but anyway, be that as it may, I still think she's the hottest senator we've ever had. Which is why I'm so incensed that Matt Lavine, God bless him, found out about this site before I could and thus was able to lead the torrent of outrage (to "call shotgun" on the road trip of righteous indignation, if you will, and I do) -- that the gentlewoman from Louisiana was not included in its polling. (I mean, they forgot Landrieu but included Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)? Maybe her picture was just taken at an awkward moment, but with her eyes all wide like that, she looks like she could give Jennifer Wilbanks (Idiot-Ga.) a challenge for the Most Coked-Up-Looking Public Figure Of The Moment:

Yup, that's two scary-ass white chicks right there. Two scary-ass white chicks who ain't got nothin' on Mary Landrieu. Look,, I'll give you a pass on Obama -- a suave-looking mack-daddy who makes pimpin' look easy, no matter what Ice-T says -- but I'm calling shenanigans on the fact that you omitted Mary from the proceedings.

ADDED: Wonkette's take, predictably funnier than mine.


Mary said...

Ahh, Mary. Hottest senator by far. They call the two of us "The Magdalenes," you know.

Yeah. That's hot.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice how her eyes follow you around the room where ever you go?