Friday, June 17

Friday Random Ten, digital comfort edition.

Rough day in the blogosphere -- first I somehow manage to give this somewhat overcaffeinated Marine the erroneous impression that I'm actually sitting at home fondling my Rosary beads and, in between Hail Marys and Our Fathers, praying for our own troops to get blown up in Iraq; then I get banned from another blogger's comment threads because I had the audacity to suggest that, if Planned Parenthood "regularly makes bestiality jokes in its animations" (as she claims), maybe they're only doing it because our own First Lady makes public jokes about her husband jacking off a horse and is therefore setting a bad example for our impressionable young'uns. Excu-u-u-use the crap out of me!

But the music, baby, won't never abandon ya -- and as Nanci Griffith once said, when you can't find a friend, you've still got the radio, or in my case, an iPod:

1. Beck, "Modesto"
2. Passengers, "Let's Go Native"
3. Massive Attack, "Three"
4. Electric Six, "Gay Bar"
5. Beck, "Deadweight"
6. Phil Collins, "In The Air Tonight"
7. Groove Armada, "Dusk, You & Me"
8. The Pretenders, "Popstar"
9. Pet Shop Boys, "It's Alright" (10" mix)
10. Bruce Springsteen, "Dancing In The Dark"

It's just a shame the 10 couldn't be extended to include my walk home from the office, because #12 and #13 on this list would've been Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," followed by Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." Do random Friday iPod selections have the power to dictate the course of one's weekend? After those two tracks, I can only hope so. Even when the rest of the world is doing its level best to shoe me right in the plums, at least my trusty iPod still wants me to get laid.

Et tu, readers?


Kevin said...

Wow Doug,
I'm surprised there's no new Coldplay in this week's random ten....of course, I guess they DO call it RANDOM. Hmm...nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug, it could be worse.... What if a band like "Air Supply" had showed up on your random 10 and you had to publish that for all the world to see... now that would be a bad day.....

DAve said...

Saturday AM (on a Massive Attack weekend):

1. Interpol, "PDA"
2. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, "Pleasure and Pain" (Live)
3. Tom Waits, "Clang Boom"
4. Nirvana, "On A Plain"
5. Violent Femmes, "Country Death Song"
6. Massive Attack, "Special Cases"
7. U2, "In A Little While"
8. Kristian Bush, "Golden Son"
9. Radiohead, "How Do You"
10. Dave Akins & Jonathan Coryell, "Drunk Louis Armstrong Choir"

Anonymous said...

Thank high heaven for ye ol trusty iPod.

And thank the rock n roll gods for ensuring a constant supply of egomaniacal megastars to fill it with sweet sweet tunes.


Josh M. said...

Air Supply rules your face.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I don't know, ever since I heard one of Sarah Michelle Gellar's favorite songs was "Making Love out of Nothing at All," I've kind of taken a different look at them.

Anonymous said...

One look should have been enough.....

Anonymous said...

Air Supply is the sort of music a guy would listen to if he supports the war but does not join the service himself.