Monday, June 27

Not only is there no crying in baseball, there are apparently no Democrats, either.

So it was OK for major Republican donor Wayne Huizenga to own the Florida Marlins, and it was OK for a dozen current or former team owners to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for George W. Bush's re-election campaign -- but George Soros can't buy the Washington Nationals from Major League Baseball because that would be "get[ting] involved in a political fight"?

Right. Because people with political connections should never own sports teams!

In addition to "smaller government" and "individual rights," I guess we can add "free-market economics" to the laundry list of former conservative tenets that the current Republican Party is merrily pissing on. Ten bucks says that if Jack Abramoff comes calling, though, they'll sell him the Nats in a heartbeat.

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