Thursday, June 16

It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

· The other day I was trying to think if there was any movie I was less interested in seeing than Hillary Duff's latest cinematic Barbie playset, "Mister Perfect," and -- oh look! -- somebody came up with one.

· The other day I was trying to think if there was anyone in the world who was a bigger shithead than Operation Rescue founder and Schiavo family hanger-on Randall Terry, and -- oh look! -- still haven't found one.

· Speaking of movies I'm really not interested in seeing, it's not like I was camped out by the theatre ticket window waiting for "Herbie: Fully Loaded" tickets to go on sale, but then I found out that Disney technicians had spent more than a million bucks digitally reducing the size of Lindsay Lohan's chest in certain scenes of the movie, and -- well, that's where the 0.0001% of me that was still kind of interested in seeing the movie threw up its hands and walked out.

· From now on, when I hear some right-winger whine about how liberals these days are being soooo much more hateful toward Dubya than the right ever was toward Bill and Hillary, is it OK if I don't say anything but just kick him right in the nuts?

· Oh, and by the way, Republicans -- next time you want to get all smug about how Democrats are supposedly elitist jagoffs with no plan for the country other than to just get people stirred up over unimportant shit, remember that this knob job is the guy currently being touted as your party's top candidate for president in 2008. (And I'm not talking about Matt Lauer.)

Oh, and by the way, despite certain scurrilous rumors being bandied about in the comments threads, I'm not currently in a relationship with Sen. Mary "Hottest Senator Ever" Landrieu (D-La.). We've had some laughs but decided it would be better just to remain friends. Thus Angelina Jolie and I are doing just fine, no matter what that scoundrel Dick Lugar says.


Josh M. said...

Ed Klein is hardly part of the "vast right wing conspiracy." Check his career thus far. (And please don't interpret that as a defense of Klein).

jOoLz said...

aww... ain't it cute that josh didn't make his profile public?

ed klein's a fuckwad, and i cancelled my VF subscription over that article.

i hope hillary kicks his ass into next week over that shit.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people are arguing over this meaningless shit. Doug, in one of his greatest Karl Rove protege moments, is misdirecting you from the in your face Mary Landrieu trouser tent he's sporting.

Josh M. said...

Take your best shot, Joolz.

jOoLz said...

uhh... my bad josh. i've read your blog.

i thot you were some anonymous troll givin doug a hard time.

the klein piece is a big steaming pile, though, and i hope she sues the crap out of him.

again, i am sorry.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I never made any mention of any "right wing conspiracy," nor of Klein -- I was simply making the point that the Clinton-hating right has jumped on this to make one of two claims: either 1) OMIGOD!!! BILL RAPED HILLARY!!1!!!!111! or 2) that bitch Hillary probably just planted this story so we'd have more sympathy for her!

Yet I'm supposed to believe that my so-called "Bush hatred" goes above and beyond anything anyone did to the Clintons? Uh-huh. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Bill Frist that called George Soros a drug-dealer during the campaign?

If you're going to be the party of morality, have a look at the Ninth Commandment.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Doug that the Clinton's took at least, if not more, shit from the right as Bush is getting. I do think that the contempt for Bush is more wide spread than it was for Clinton and certainly more vocal, but on the vitriol level probably even or advantage Clinton.

The crap heaped on Clinton was a lot more personal that what Bush gets as well if you discount the "he's an idiot liar" stuff. Bush is viewed as a cog in a vast evil conspiracy, where the Clinton's were portrayed as power hungry degenerates out for personal gain.

Both are caricatures that seem to make some feel better.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the contempt for Bush should be more widespread Steve. His lies have cost 1700 american lives that the neocons always seem to forget about. Clinton's lies cost a drycleaning bill. In addition, Bush said that increasing the deficit by cutting taxes would stimulate the economy. Have you seen any stimulation in the millions of jobs going overseas Steve? Face it, Bush had brought us nothing but stagnation and grief, whereas Clinton, for all his personal failures, did an otherwise outstanding job as president.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I can see the caricature makes you feel better. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Caricature is the embelishment of a particular feature, what did I exaggerate Stevie? Everything in my prior post is true, deal with it.

Anonymous said...

By the looks of her, rape would be sublime.