Friday, June 3

While we're on the subject of unconditional love . . .

Another possible definition of the term could be coming home and finding out that, while you were on the other side of the ocean, your mom and your sister -- with whom you'd left your keys -- went to your disgusting pigsty of an apartment and cleaned it from stem to stern, shining the dingy countertops and kitchen appliances to an almost otherworldly glow and showing the willpower, willpower you never had, to get rid of all the junk and crap that you'd collected along the walls instead of throwing away. (One could argue that accompanying this gift with a note reading "Clean up or die single" is a very tough kind of unconditional love, but love nonetheless.)

Anyways, not just for this reason but for countless others, baby sis has been invited to stay on as a sort of permanent guest blogger here at Hey Jenny Slater. Don't know how often she'll avail herself of that opportunity since she's got her own blog to take care of, but I hope you'll treat her real nice when she pops her head in now and then.


Anonymous said...

Had you known they were going to do that, you probably would have taken better care to hide your "reading material" and "toys".

I, for one, have enjoyed your sister's contributions here and will spend some time at her blog as well (although I might have to change my name before she'll let me in).

Ellen said...

That's the nicest thing I've heard in weeks. Aren't you a lucky duck?